Is This Relationship Over

Signs my Relationship is Over

When is a relationship over? Are you looking for signs that "my relationship is over"? Do you want to know when to divorce? Are you asking yourself "should I get a divorce?"  Do you need ot learn the Definition of Love which allows you to create lifelong love? In the USA the divorce rate is now 60% and 2nd and 3rd marriages are even less successful than first marriages. Do you need to learn "How to fix my relationship tips" and learn about cheaters and affairs?

Learn how to make the crucial decision about ending a relationship without taking years out of your life to do it. The 6 Part Conversation© will allow you to create peaceful and cooperative conversations with everyone under every situation; even during separation and divorce.

If there is something about your partner that really bothers you - is trying to fix your partner going to work? If you think you’re settling for their partner; does that work and what are valid complaints or are there any that are valid? If complaining isn’t love and if nagging isn’t love; would you like to know how I define love? The question I am most often asked is, “When there has been infidelity can a couple ever regain trust?” This video and many of the others at our YouTube channel will answer this question as well as many of your key relationship questions. I've posted more than 100 videos for you at


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