Successful Dating Secrets

Online dating tips and traditional dating tips are only helpful when they lead you to the relationship you desire. Dating advice for women is different from dating advice for men as well as the differences when you're dating in the LGBT communities; do you know what works best? Here are some of “The Secrets to Successful Dating” that my clients around the world use to find great dates and great relationships online and through other sources and you can do it, too! We have a longer video on this topic; and I know you’ll really want to watch and see the step by step process that can allow you to have this same result which I call “Prodating”! Here are some of the tips and I’ve had 16 marriage proposals so I know a lot about this!

  1. Getting ready by learning that you deserve a fabulous partner!
  2. Understanding your key needs
  3. Understanding which needs are most important to you now!
  4. Being able to read people; what are their needs?
  5. Understand Unconditional Love?

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