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Susan eliminates barriers, traveling the way of spirit and heart. She allows people to enter that area, and say ‘Yes’ instead of “No”. Susan Allan is the wings people glide on as she brings them through these difficult times seeing through the clear eye of the eagle. She respects their path and their history so that they go forward without their burdens.”

Charles R. Quintero, Peacemaker to the Navajo Nations, California certified mediator and arbitrator

My advice is, when in doubt; always ask Susan Allan, the Relationship Coach, First! Her advice is spot on, her lessons can improve any aspect of your life! She is what we all need and that inner voice we all seek! Thank you, Susan!"

Linea Harvey Seibert, New Canaan, CT

I have personally known Susan my entire life. When visiting Santa Barbara, I met a few professional business owners who had tremendous results with Susan's coaching. My husband and I have a publishing business and thought we could use some guidance. I would have thought being a friend for my entire life might present a problem in us both staying focus and directed. Through our coaching we were able to make many positive changes in the way we handled certain business situations. I highly recommend that you work with Susan. She is just wonderful and the results speak for themselves"

Nancy Feller, owner Black Tie Publishing Plantation, FL

Susan Allan is the consummate professional. She is a trusted friend and I am proud to recommend her and blessed to have found her for myself. They say: “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”. She is a highly skilled coach…a Master. If you can take the heat of examining your life, Susan can coach you to the success you are looking for. I think of you often and thank you and God for putting us together. All my love and my sincere thanks for helping me get started again. Love,”

David Drake, Melbourne, FL

Susan, you are the right person in this world for me and many others. I see this as you grow and develop these wonderful healing skills you have really learned to master. You have the magic now! Love”

Dr. Alexis Kirk, NYC

Susan Allan is a most incredible and exceptional person. She does what no other person can do. With all her knowledge, training, education, experience, and expertise she has the abilities to assist people with their mind problems and their life challenges. This includes such areas as moving people from inability to ability. From attack to survival in the most dangerous situations. From how the mind works to working the mind with positive results. As a life coach and a marriage coach she has helped many people overcome the challenges of fear, inability, and stuckness. She has moved people from a terrible and disastrous marriage to a life-saving divorce. And from divorce to freedom. Susan Allan is one of a kind. Thank you and thank God."

Rev. Bernard Goodman, Oxnard CA