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Dating Advice with Prodating© and Profile Partnering© Skills

When people speak to me about dating and ask me for dating advice they learn that I’ve had 16 marriage proposals and I’ve been married twice. You don’t want to learn by that kind of trial and error do you because it’s exhausting. That is why you need a Dating Coach to simplify dating for you and help you find a boyfriend or help you find a girlfriend a Dating Coach expert featured on, and found listed on! You want to learn what to do that works and do more of it and discover what you do that doesn’t work and delete, delete, right? Prodating© includes all the realizations and dating tools and skills that will get you where you want to be and that’s in a wonderful joyous relationship. With the right dating advice and a Dating Coach you learn to envision, focus on, plan; organize, and attract the best partner for you.

Heartspace® offers you the tools, skills and support you need to transform your relationship NOW!
Since 2004 Susan Allan’s advice columns have been published in newspapers and on websites specializing in:
  • Are you someone who connects too fast and then is disappointed in love? Would you like to know why you do this and how to create a different go-to strategy?
  • Are you someone who plays it cool and is left out in the cold?
  • Are you trying to play it safe and you find that “the fish aren’t biting”
  • Are you someone who keeps chasing the dream only to find that it’s a nightmare?
  • Do you just feel confused because it seems that whatever you do doesn’t work?
  • Are you noticing that you’re in a “closed system” in which all your ideas are colored by your skills? Have you realized that with new tools and skills you’ll get better results?

So many clients have asked me, “How did you ever get 16 men to propose to you?” or “How many men did you have to date to get these amazing stats?” and “Were you actually trying to get all these guys to propose?” And these are all very telling questions; why; because it shows the way you think about goals and how to reach them. Yet here is the most important dating advice: the way to motivate a lot of men to propose to you- including the 2 who proposed on 1st dates with me is to focus on their needs; what makes them happy and if that also is what you need then SUCCESS is coming to you very soon. When you go on a date in the Prodating© Program you’ll have different goals based on successful dating how to's and online dating advice as you work through the program to the relationship you truly desire and the purpose is to move you through the old habits that never worked so that you can replace them with great habits and learn how to find true love.

  • A Dating Coach provides proven dating how to's
  • Dating advice so you pick the right partner online by learning how to read “between the lines” of a profile
  • Create your own new profile with subliminal suggestions to the “shoppers”
  • Discover and resolve the breakdowns in reaching a great date or/partner
  • Master seductive emails and texting so that you receive great replies
  • Adjust your thinking which often is the #1 block to bliss
  • Meet wonderful potential partners who are really interested in you
  • Spiritual dating as well as practical dating tips
  • Successfully begin the relationship you’ve each dreamt about
  • Reach your dating goals for a relationship that can work
  • Be engaged, living together, married, and/or a parent as per your Goals

If you have been asking yourself questions such as these about Spiritual Dating you will be amazed to learn that they are not the questions that will bring you the relationship you yearn to experience:

  • What is my Soulmate like?
  • Where will I meet my Soulmate?
  • When will I find my Soulmate?
  • How will I attract my Soulmate?

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In addition you will learn key skills that allow you to operate in your private life in a way that many only bring to their career.

  • Learning proven tools and skills needed to attract Your Perfect Partner
  • Clarifying previous confusions that caused painful or even disastrous relationships
  • Learning how to motivate and inspire your partner to lifelong peace, joy, passion, monogamy and whatever your needs may be
  • Realizing that you need to raise the bar not lower the bar to find your Perfect Partner
  • Understanding how to avoid the key causes for breakups: cheating, financial imbalances, lack of honesty and arguments
  • Anticipating with accuracy whether someone is a “keeper” at the beginning of the relationship; not the end
  • Online dating advice and dating how to's
  • Learning the pitfalls of online dating so that you learn to avoid all of them

Imagine your life when you have a +1 to bring to all the wonderful events your family, friends and career associates invite you to attend. It’s not hard; it requires you to confirm which dating skills you already have and which you’re missing which we can do during your complimentary 1 hour session. So if you would like to have a great relationship by the next big event or holiday weekend please let me know and I can help you find a boyfriend or find a girlfriend and show you how to find true love that lasts a lifetime!

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