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    Need relationship advice & intimacy skills to navigate relationships? Time to find your perfect partner and fabulous new relationship? Want proven skills for a life-long union or to save your marriage? Create your miracles with Heartspace® Coaching!

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    Are you asking “How to fix my relationship” or “How to save a marriage?” Are you looking to avoid abusive relationships and save a marriage and think it may be too late? Want to avoid divorce now or create a no court divorce and cooperation?

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    With Relationship advice eBooks based on proven successful tools and skills you can select from love, marriage, or divorce advice and learn and do what really works with skills now to get you to peace or The Divorce Forum® for a fair divorce.

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Susan Allan's Special Offer

Create Peaceful Loving Relationships in 6 Steps

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Heartspace® &
The 6 Part Conversation©

  • Generate Peace & Cooperation with Everyone
  • Stop suffering and enjoy all your relationships
  • Create Peaceful, loving relationships in 6 Steps
  • Role-plays show you how to create cooperation
  • Generate peace with everyone
  • Attract people who meet your needs

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  • Learn to meet your partner's needs
  • Discover the true definition of love
  • Understand people so you choose wisely
  • Motivate and inspire instead of push
  • Create mutually satisfying relationships in every area of your life
  • Know who to avoid & who to attract
  • Shift from an emotional roller coaster to inner peace

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