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Susan Allan has been a frequent guest expert on television, radio and for the media discussing the numerous tools and skills of Heartspace® that solve challenges in internet dating, developing lifelong intimacy in marriage, and to create peaceful mediated divorce.  She is also a skilled public speaker and can provide numerous examples of her topics.

Susan Allan
Susan Allan


"When the other person’s needs being met is as important to you as getting your own needs met, that’s love” Susan Allan

“YOU are the Queen of interviews! I saw your video “How to Find Your Valentine's Day Hottie” and as always your information was invaluable. I love your energy, the way you connect with your audience and make one feel like you are speaking directly to him. Your video gives courage, hope and so much insights on what should be disclosed and what should not on a dating site. I’m sure to anyone open to seeking and finding a great relationship will find this information an “Eye Opener”.    With that said, can you please share this information on my summit? There are some I know who would love to love and be loved in return as many times they have asked, “Is there love for me? You have the heart, sincere dedication and patience to assist them.”  Christine Williams Founder of Greatest You Summit

World-renowned expert on internet and traditional dating; lifelong marriage; reconciliation and peaceful mediated divorce, Susan Allan, offers unique skills and extensive support to clients who want cooperation and peaceful, joyous intimacy.  Susan has extensive television, radio and media experience and has written advice columns since 2004.

Whether your programming or articles are focused on dating, marriage or divorce, Susan's unique skills that comprise Heartspace® offer many unique topics for you. Every audience today is dealing with either dating, online dating, marriage, peaceful divorce or avoiding divorce and Susan addresses all of these categories. As a guest expert on your show or as a source for your articles Susan brings countless clients and success stories to you. To watch some of Susan's programs please visit and email Susan for examples of her radio shows and columns at [email protected] and let your audience experience proven and effective unique skills and tools for dating, marriage, peaceful divorce and to avoid divorce.


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Susan Allan’s Heartspace® skills save marriages & families transform arguments, infidelity, addiction & divorce & provide intimacy & healing

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Susan Allan’s Heartspace® skills save relationships, marriages and families by transforming arguments, infidelity, addiction and even divorce to intimacy and healing. America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach and founder of the non-profit The Marriage Forum, Inc., teaches how to create peaceful, cooperative solutions to all conflicts.

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Susan Allan’s Heartspace™ saves relationships, marriages and families with skills that transform arguments, infidelity, addiction and divorce to intimacy, reconciliation, and healing. America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach and founder of the non-profit firm, The Marriage Forum, Inc., Allan teaches how to create cooperative solutions to any conflict. Allan is a certified mediator, an expert in Nonviolent Communication®, and she is certified in Whole-brain thinking™ and Herrmann Brain Dominance™. Author of an advice columns and EBooks Susan provides countless trainings on her local TV Santa Barbara programs and and she has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs.

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Susan Allan’s Heartspace™ trainings save relationships, marriages, and families. Learning to cooperate and communicate peacefully while focusing on their goals and not their complaints allows the most remarkable solutions to emerge. America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach and founder of the non-profit firm, The Marriage Forum, Inc., Allan teaches people to create cooperative solutions to any conflict.

These unique tools and skills transform arguments, infidelity, and even addiction and divorce into intimacy, reconciliation, and healing. Allan is a certified mediator, an expert in Nonviolent Communication®, she is certified in Whole-brain thinking™ and Herrmann Brain Dominance™, and she is an expert in preventing and surviving domestic violence.

Author of “Ask The Love and Relationship Coach” column in “Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine” for the last 9 years and “Ask The Divorce Coach” at Susan provides countless strategies that recreate the fiber of every kind of relationship including dating, partnership, parenting, family ties, and getting along with neighbors, employers and employees.

Susan is the Executive Producer and on-air host of “Evolution Revolution TV” and a bimonthly guest on “Compassionate Connection TV” airing on TV Santa Barbara since 2006 and more than 100 of these episodes are available at . She has appeared on “Fox News”, “Montel Williams” and numerous national and regional television and radio programs.

The Marriage Forum provides pro bono 1 hour private telephone sessions each week and has offered more than 10,000 since 1999 answering questions and providing various approaches and referrals to those experiencing the stress and turmoil of marital difficulties, family relationships and parenting challenges. Popular motivational speaker and life coach, Allan’s most popular Heartspace™ trainings include The 6 Part Conversation©, The 7 Stages of Relationships©, Goal-reaching©, How to Avoid Divorce© and Heartspace® for Sobriety©. When people learn these skills for the purpose of reconciliation and sobriety and they master and use these skills the results are 99% successful that they reach their goals.

Allan has written three Kindle EBooks at on divorce and marriage at and is working on her upcoming book, The Relationship Equation which explains what works and why it works using simple math. Millions have received training through Susan Allan’s websites,; and; and Allan has offered seminars to numerous businesses, corporations and also to groups wishing to promote peaceful solutions within society’s most challenging environments including the California Correctional System’s MERIT program, the Pasadena Police Department’s Youth Leadership Program, The Counsel on Drug and Alcohol Abuse’s Fighting Back Mentors Program in Santa Barbara, CA. Susan is always eager to contribute to individuals, families and groups and says “Peace won’t find us we must find peace and that is the Mission of The Marriage Forum.”

Susan Allan, America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach
Heartspace™ and The Divorce Forum® Life Coach
Founder CEO of The Marriage Forum, Inc.
Certified Mediator
Nonviolent Communication® Expert
Certified Whole-brain thinking™ trainer Herrmann Brain Dominance™. Author of “Ask the Love & Relationship” advice column and 3 EBooks

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