Susan offers a complimentary 1 hour private telephone Heartspace® Coaching Session

  1. Perhaps you are looking to create a new life for yourself or do you need help transforming the life that you and your partner have lived for decades?
  2. Or are you in the process of divorce and you’re not sure how to save your money and move quickly and peacefully to a no-court divorce?
  3. Are you feeling worried about finding the partner for the rest of your life? Do you want to ensure that the past disappointments are not repeated?
  4. NO matter the circumstances of your life the key for each of us is to learn new tools and skills to transform our lives into the most peaceful and successful ones that are possible for each of us!

The purpose of offering a complimentary session is to provide you with the best relationship advice and skills for your situation and your needs. Ask me all your questions so that you can reach your goals as quickly and successfully as possible. During your complimentary session with me you’ll be able to receive relationship advice & intimacy skills to navigate relationships with unique proven Heartspace® skills. Or you can focus on separation and divorce and learn how thousands of my clients with that goal have reached them with a minimum of expense and stress. You may also find that these tools and skills not only shift your life right now; they also allow you to avoid many potential pitfalls using these trainings. Let’s consider the situations and relationship challenges that you’ve been putting up with and trying to change so that you see the benefit of acquiring new tools and skill-sets to transform them right away. Susan Allan’s Heartspace® provides those tools. If you would enjoy receiving a complimentary 1 hr. telephone session, please use the contact form below and she will provide information on scheduling and the best ways to create the most productive environment for our conversation.

  • Arrange the day and time of your free session via email to. Be sure to specify your time zone and offer a few days/times that work best for you.
  • If you are unable to utilize the session, would you please let us know via email or telephone 24 hours in advance?
  • Prepare a list of questions that you may have so that you can utilize the time most effectively.
  • Plan to have 1 hour of peace and privacy for the session. Please arrange for a 1 hr. window so that you may engage most effectively and have all your questions answered without being distracted by personal and/or business obligations.
  • Would you be willing to call promptly at the time of the designated telephone session? Your session will last 1 hour and you will be calling a California number.

Contact info

Susan Allan at The Marriage Forum, Inc.
1187 Coast Village Rd. #315
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Telephone: +1 818 314 1200
E-mail: [email protected]

Full Coaching Package
$2,400 = 12 hour-long telephone sessions, once or twice weekly

Half Coaching Package
$1,400 = 6 hour-long telephone sessions

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    Sessions are non-refundable due to our non-profit status and are transferable