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Marriage Advice and Recipe for A Happy Marriage & Committed Partnership

If you have been seeking a loving and intimate marriage that works for both of you and want to be as sure as possible that it lasts it’s helpful to learn the Recipe for a Happy Marriage and Committed Partnership, Magical Marriage©, part of Heartspace® that creates the deepest levels of joy and connection. It is a recipe for a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime based on expert marriage advice in which you learn to understand your own needs and other people's needs so that you choose the best partnership. Perhaps you have wanted this for a very long time and perhaps you are feeling worried that it may not happen for you; it only takes one partner to set bliss in motion with marriage advice based on Heartspace®.

Heartspace® offers you the tools, skills and support you need to transform your relationship NOW!
Since 2004 Susan Allan’s advice columns have been published in newspapers and on websites specializing in:

As America's leading marriage coach and a certified mediator I offer marriage advice to transform your marriage. You will learn to save your marriage with unique marriage advice based on the knowledge that love flourishes by making your needs and your partner’s needs equally important. And the first step is for you to understand your own key needs; is it love as in affection, passion, touch? Is it love as in respect, trust, support? For so many partners the word “love” is confusing because it can mean a hundred different words- just like the word snow in the Inuit language for which there are 50 different words.

Marriage Advice from a  World-renowned Mediator 

The best and longest-lasting marriages depend on each partner’s ability to “read” the other and “take the temperature” of the relationship each day and to become your own marriage mediator, too. When you learn how to do this you will know when your partner is stressed and the fastest fix for you both. Love is a decision and the decision must be yours so noticing any changes in your relationship is the same s seeing if you’re coming down with the flu- ignoring it doesn’t work and there are many options you have to turn your marriage into the most magnificent creation of your life.

  • Focus on what “love” means for you and speak about it to your partner in a positive and motivating way offering great examples of what has worked for you and why.
  • Be sure that you eliminate any complaining words for your conversations as they move your backwards not forwards.
  • Bring great sex to your relationship by “channeling" your partner’s desire with the Tantric Lock©.
  • Insure monogamy by continuing to meet your partners’ needs and inspiring your partner to do the same using unique marriage help.

The recipe for a happy marriage is based on needs that are met for each of you and it is easier to create a beautiful relationship than it is to transform a difficult one. When you accept this marriage advice and use this unique marriage help you will learn to do 100% of what works and 0% of what doesn't. Then your relationship unfolds with passion, peace, cooperation and understanding an you won't need to learn how to save your marriage.

  • Realize what “love” means for you partner and how it is similar or different from your own needs and learn marriage coach secrets
  • Learn to create individual and joint goals that will meet both of your key needs such as a great date night, a fun and affordable vacation, a bind-blowing time in the bedroom
  • Create more peace, cooperation and deep level of understanding by calming down before speaking or texting
  • Know your own priorities and see where compromise is an option for each of you
  • The more frequently your “go to’ is peaceful and sweet, the faster your partner will trust that you both really can have more love and peace together

As America's leading marriage coach and a certified mediator I have taught so many people to find the best partner, master the deeply loving intimacy they each desire and avoid all the pitfalls that used to trip each of them up. And if you're already "on the rocks" I can show you how to save your marriage, too.

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