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Have you longed for a deeply intimate and loving relationship to create a True Union? Have you experienced challenges and wonder how you’ll be able to create unconditional love for yourself and your partner for the rest of your lives? Perhaps you’ve even separated and wonder if it’s possible to heal the pain and stress of a separation? Or are you looking for that fabulous partner and wondering how to find your true life partner? Highly skilled relationship advice can help you find the best partner, save your marriage, and even teach you how to have a peaceful cooperative no court divorce. Why try to figure it out alone when Heartspace® relationship advice and coaching can  support you on the best path to love, to peace and to joy.

Lisa Cirincione

Lisa Cirincione

 “When I think about the late night emails, awesome phone calls, the encouraging text messages, I cannot thank you enough, they mean the world to me! Thank you for your tenacity, empathy guidance and love! How exhilarating it is to be living a life that you create each day through goal-reaching and razor sharp intention and I must express my deep, deep gratitude that you are teaching me these skills to transform my own life. The work we are doing together is helping me become a more empathetic person with myself and has in-turn affected all my personal relationships. I don’t have to suffer any more. I cherish you Susan! I love you” Lisa Cirincione Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve had teachers like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer; I have not encountered a better, stronger, more dedicated, peaceful teacher in my entire life. The beauty of what Susan does is she only needs one person to do it. With one person I have seen her turn around relationships; I guess everything comes down to relationships, whether you’re having a problem with a spouse, with a child, with yourself. I’m always overwhelmed how she dedicates herself and how relentlessly she seeks a solution.” Richard J. Dolwig, Jr. Family Law Judge pro-tem (Ret.), Cert. Family Law Specialist (Ret.) Attorney; Mediator and

America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach, Susan Allan, teaches unique intimacy skills and she has created Coaching Packages that enable clients to produce the most peaceful and successful relationships. Whether your needs are for new tools to create inner peace, or new skills to generate cooperation Susan Allan has provided thousands of clients with relationship advice, personal support and training to create a deep level of life-long union when even one partner masters and uses these skills. If you're looking to create a loving partnership or save your marriage please let me help.

Benefits of Heartspace™

  • Passionate intimacy
  • Feeling safe and happy
  • Life-long monogamy
  • Neither coercion nor capitulation
  • Inner peace and increased compassion
  • Peaceful collaboration for all family issues including financial expenditures
  • Resolving upsets
  • Respect and consideration for one another’s opinions
  • Emotional well-being
  • Openness and honesty without judgements
  • Financial stability based on true partnership
Andrea Michaels

Andrea Michaels

“Confronted with a challenge or an obstacle, my first stop is Susan. ‘Here’s the situation’ leads to dialogue that gains me insight, offers me possible solutions, allows me to try out communication styles until I can establish a clear path that leads to non-confrontational conversations with end goals being met in a win/win outcome for all parties involved. Susan is direct, motivating, clear…but more than that, she cares. Every conversation has been supportive.” Andrea Michaels CEO Extraordinary Events

Susan Allan’s Heartspace®  avoids the “diagnosis and treatment” model of therapy and instead utilizes her expertise as a certified mediator and successful entrepreneur looking for solutions and finding them. Heartspace™ eliminates the old paradigm of “complaining and blaming”, both of which are counterproductive to the peace and love that you desire. In Heartspace™ sessions you receive  relationshp advice, intimacy skills, and you learn to consider your key needs and your partner’s key needs and you also learn how to meet those needs in a peaceful, loving and always cooperative manner.

Anya English

Anya English

“Thank you! With great thanks to your coaching I CAN master my emotions and their expression much better and things go great!” Anja English

How can you learn to transform your life?

  • Passionate intimacy with The 6 Part Conversation©
  • Feeling safe and happy with Motivating and Inspiration skills
  • Life-long monogamy with the Tantric Lock ©
  • Neither coercion or capitulation with Marital Mediation©
  • Inner peace and increased well-being with Self-empathy

The best coaching teaches us to avoid new problems and swiftly transform the ones we have. Please enjoy our 60 pages of testimonials to see how your own issues may have already been prevented and solved for Heartspace® clients working with Susan!    

  • Peaceful collaboration for all family issues including financial expenditures
  • Respect and consideration for one another’s opinion with Empathy
  • More joy in your relationship with The Plateaus of Peace©
  • Honesty in which the truth is always present with Self-expression skills
  • Financial security based on enhanced cooperation and true partnership

These Heartspace™ sessions are 1-on-1 telephone sessions with Susan and you may invite your partner to enjoy these sessions, too, with no added cost. These proven skills will empower you to achieve clear, peaceful and effective communication using numerous skill-sets including The 6 Part Conversation©; Marital Mediation©, Whole-brain Thinking™, The 7 Stages of Peace© and more. In this way you learn how to create the best relationship; how to move through online dating, from first meeting to intimacy, to living together or marriage, and to lifelong love.  You may also find that these tools and skills not only shift your life right now; they also allow you to avoid many future challenges when you have mastered these skills. Let’s consider the situations that you’ve been putting up with and trying to change so that you see the benefit of acquiring new tools and skill-sets to transform them. Please let me speak with you so that you can see what these tools can do for you.

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Center of the Heart Center“Thank you so very much for your love and your giving heart. I am so grateful!” Rev. Maryum Center of the Heart Center Goleta, CA

Telephone Coaching Packages & Telephone Mediation Packages

Full Coaching Package
$2,400 = 12 hour-long telephone sessions, once or twice weekly

Half Coaching Package
$1,400 = 6 hour-long telephone sessions

A 501 c 3 Corp. based in Santa Barbara, CA

Sessions are non-refundable due to our non-profit status and are transferable

If you prefer In-person Coaching or In-person Mediation one In-person hour is equal to 2 Telephone Coaching or Telephone Mediation hours.  

To discuss your Coaching/Mediation needs please contact Susan Allan

David Drake“Susan Allan is the consummate professional. She is a trusted friend and I am proud to recommend her and blessed to have found her for myself. She is a highly skilled coach…a Master.” David Drake, Melbourne, FL
Unique Tools & Skills Transform your Life

What is your Coaching Process?

“True discovery consists not in finding new landscapes, but in seeing the same landscape with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

"We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Anais Nin

Most people never reach their goals; is it because they don’t want to or because they are unclear about the process of creating and reaching goals? Your sessions will include some or all of these skill-sets and additional skills based on the challenges you are facing:

With Heartspace® skills you learn to create peace and relieve pain instead of reliving pain!

The 6 Part Conversation©

Invented by Susan Allan, The 6 Part Conversation© provides a systematic strategy so that all conversations may move to solution in a peaceful, cooperative manner. If you're looking for a partner and need online dating skills and how to's or if you have already met your "match" and want to smooth the road to living together these skills are for you. Even when you are opting to divorce you want a peaceful amicable divorce without court don't you? This tool allows you to resolve any difficult, tense or even violent situation that you encounter. Part I is Empathy, based in part on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg which has been used on 5 continents and began 40 years ago. Rosenberg, says, “Once both partner’s feelings and needs have been expressed and heard, a solution will find them within twenty minutes.”

Role-plays using Susan Allan’s Marital Mediation© which develops communication habits and skills to develop peaceful conversations, even with relationships that have presented long-term challenges so that you save your marriage. Based on Allan’s work as a certified mediator, all areas of relationship can benefit from new listening and communication skills as your solutions find you.

41/2 Minutes to Peace Training©

By developing this habit you learn new skills such as Self-empathy and Empathy and learn how to return to peace within this limited period of time. As you practice, new neural pathways are formed, your field shifts and more peace is generated from within yourself because you begin to use a new peacemaking and peacekeeping vocabulary. .

The 4 Questions of Inquiry generates a new habit of pragmatism for those who have the habit of “emotional roller coaster thinking”. By considering the basis of your “story” and whether there is evidence for it or not; and by training yourself to look for proof of your painful thoughts your life triggers less pain.

Whole-brain Thinking™ used by 90% of Fortune™ Companies

When you learn these 4 Thinking Styles you will be able to far more successful

  1. Creating rapport quickly and effortlessly by speaking each person; “language” which creates immediate trust in your relationship.
  2. Discovering the needs of the person by understanding where “they are coming from” creates cooperation.
  3. Understanding priorities for you and for your partner so that you co-create solutions quickly and easily
  4. Knowing in advance your partner and your “go to” under stress and how to calm down fast.

Susan Allan’s Heartspace™ Checklist

Imagine how your life can improve with these tools and skills

Goal-reaching Skills© so that you no longer set goals; now you reach them

  • Learn the basic language of creating and reaching a Goal, using Goal-reaching©
  • Write your own Goals with careful utilization of best language
  • Maintain emotional consistency with Self-empathy or The 4 Questions
  • Stick with your Goals regularly until fruition
  • Reach Goals that you have set within the timing you set

The 6 Part Conversation© so that you quickly shift from upset to co-created solutions

  • Memorizing the 6 Parts
  • Understanding how to motivate and inspire someone to engage in The 6 Part
  • Mastering Self-empathy
  • Mastering Empathy
  • Mastering Self-expression
  • Mastering Reflection
  • Mastering Clarification
  • Mastering Solution

Life Olympics©- everything your parents wanted you to learn

  • Discover your Life Goals
  • Quantify your priorities
  • Understand the team you need
  • Find, motivate and inspire support
  • Co-create solutions

Marital Mediation©- since you can’t have the mediator move in with you; learn to mediate your own conflicts

  • Resolve all partner conflicts using unique mediation skills
  • Use a Healing Matrix of thinking, listening, speaking, & action providing 100% reconciliation when just 1 partner is trained
  • Learn The 6 Part Conversation© Motivating and Inspiring cooperation
  • Reach each of the Plateaus of Peace©
  • Observe 4 ½ Minutes to Peace© promoting consistent focus and end results
  • Be fluent in Whole-brain Thinking™  speaking all 4 “human languages”

Whole Brain Thinking™ based on Herrmann Brain Dominance™ and used by 90% of Fortune™ companies

  • Understanding the 4 quadrants of human thinking
  • Memorizing attributes of each quadrant
  • Understanding the reaction to triggers for each quadrant
  • Recognizing each quadrant in your own thinking and speaking/writing of others
  • Mastering the 4 languages of Whole Brain® Thinking in calm conversation and writing
  • Mastering the 4 languages of Whole Brain® Thinking during real-life triggers
  • Integrating left and right brain function, transforming every situation
  • Discontinuing the search for what you want where you cannot possibly find it
  • Benefit as 90% of America’s Fortune™ 500 companies do
  • Determine the thinking style of everyone you know and transform each communication into a positive one
  • Learn practical and proven skills to erase hopelessness from your life
  • To request a complimentary 1 hour telephone session (link)

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