Long-term Relationships

Do’s and Don’ts of successful intimate relationships so that you can find and keep true love. Learn how to enter your Heartspace® and create love and intimacy with The 6 Part Conversation©

A few Secrets:

  1. Calm down before speaking
  2. Calm each other down
  3. Listen when someone speaks to you
  4. Tell the truth

Relationship advice for finding true love. We have all been in relationships and we know what happens when you don’t know how to calm ourselves down, right? What happens if we can calm ourselves before speaking? Another key attribute in any relationship that works is having the ability to be really present, right? To learn how to do that you want to master The 6 Part so that you never react; you only act. It is so important to most of us to be heard by others, particularly in intimate relationship and with close friends and this video will explain this, too. When people are upset and they don’t have these skills they get really upset and you definitely want to learn to avoid it don’t you?  Learn what to do about people who really seem to enjoy drama and fighting and others may complain a lot which are types of addictions. And finally have the insight to see a potential disaster in any relationship before you get there by understanding your needs and others’ needs, too.telephone click

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