The Sales Forum Intro

Susan Allan and her Sales Teams sold $750 million in products during Susan’s 20-year fashion career and since then she has trained countless companies and individuals to transform their own marketing and sales results and their bottom line. Since 1999 Susan has made these Sales Forum© tools and skills available to private clients worldwide and now you can learn them in her Evolution Revolution™ LearnDesk courses that are more affordable and convenient.

You CAN reach your business goals using The Sales Forum skills:

  1. The 6 Part Conversation for Sales©
  2. Goal-reaching
  3. The Sales Forum 3 Paragraph System
  4. The Sales Forum: Is your Dream Big enough?
  5. Career Climb©
  6. How to Get Promoted
  7. Asking for the Sales with the 6 Part Conversation 8. Closing a Deal with The 6 Part Conversation for Sales

You decide whom YOU want to sell- a newbie sales mistake is thinking that the customer has all the power. Instead, by mastering Sales Forum skills, you learn how to be the most powerful and persuasive SELLER

  1. YOU focus on finding THOSE people and companies you want to sell
  2. YOU research carefully to be sure that the Sales Target has a NEED for your goods or services
  3. YOU research to assess if they possess the resources needed to make the purchase
  4. YOU craft language that is consistent with their interests, most of which you’ll find on THEIR website!
  5. YOU master selling and you master sales results!

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