“How To Sell without ‘SELLING” your Product or Brand”

Motivating and Inspiring other people is the key to enjoying life! When you can encourage people to help, to cooperate and to be focused with you on a joint outcome then life becomes fun and far more satisfying because the results are BIGGER and BETTER!

Coooperation includes relationships, families and business, too!

Susan Allan is the Founder of The Sales Forum and a specialist in creating successful career and business strategies for entrepreneurs. Susan is an author and a certified mediator and has created The 6 Part Conversation for Sales and numerous unique skills that allow us to create peaceful and cooperative negotiations, and motivate and inspire anyone to a Close! During Susan’s 20 year career in fashion she and her teams designed and sold over a Half Billion Dollars of her products. She has been seen on Fox News and on hundreds of television and radio shows demonstrating the results we can create when we transform the way we think, listen, speak, and act and focus on solutions instead of on problems!

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