10 Telecommuting Tips in the Coronavirus Era

I invented Telephone Mediation in 1999 and people thought I was crazy. But they already thought that I was a little crazy when I said that I was a Coach; “What’s a Coach!” they asked! In 1972 I invented the concept of a Design Company in the fashion industry. People thought I was very eccentric; “Oh, you mean a freelance designer!” but I didn’t mean that at all.

One aspect of developing your new career is creativity; you need to think outside the box.  Look at the career you have today. Whether you’re a realtor or a store manager you have skills. How can you envision those skills translated to telephone work and telephone payments? The world has changed so much in only 20 years; here we are in a new world; a world where everyone seems to be some form of a Coach.

Now the world needs to change again; in this new world everyone will do their utmost to stay home and work from home until the Coronavirus is behind us. If you follow these skills, you can have the highest probability of transforming your career to a successful and profitable one, and home based, too.

I offer a free 1-hour telephone consultation so you can run your ideas by me and I can offer you some unique tools. https://heartspacesolutions.com/coaching

These are some of the basic tools you need in order to shift your current career to a home-based business and that always means entrepreneurship, too. The world is dividing into two camps; one group is comprised of those who work for themselves and create their own paycheck and lifestyle. The other group are still employees and this second group will shrink and shrink because there are few open-ended earning options here for most employees.  

1. What is your Unique Selling Proposition? As a Coach I have pages and pages of marketing materials that describe the basic “Why Me” question. Do you have a brand, trademarks, how many websites and blogs etc.? I have done them all but there was a time when I hadn’t and the key to success is knowing what you must do FIRST and what you must do FAST!

2. Presenting your Pitch may mean presenting it to your boss or to potential investors as well as to clients. That requires you to understand other people’s needs without them telling you what they are. In telephone work that mean that you have to read between the lines and do Positive Profiling© fast!  Depending on the products or services that you provide potential clients will have different needs. When you can figure out what someone needs quickly and accurately and communicate to them what you “think they might need”  and you’re on target, wonderful things happen for your business.  

3. Telephone skills mean that you learn how to deeply connect even over the phone. I teach The 6 Part Conversation© that generates this level of connection so that potential clients and clients feel heard in a new way.   In fact, telephone sessions can be more revealing than Zoom or Skype or in-person sessions if you learn to read the subtleties in someone’s voice and breathing. The 6 Parts are:







4. Motivating people with your sales skills so that they become a telephone client is a separate set of Sales Skills that are included in The 6 Part Conversation for Sales©. They are:


Rapport + Qualify


Hear Objections

Transform Objections

The Close including the Order

5.  Conversations about payment are different over the phone, whether you are a Coach or selling any other goods or services. You need a different energy from in-person sales so that you sound very peaceful and confident, the key to persuasion. Your job is to convince someone through your own peaceful, poised state that you offer great value and a unique set of skills to them. I use paypal because they have a virtual terminal option that allows me to take credit card information via phone and process it immediately for $30 per month plus the normal paypal charges

6. Okay, now we need to look at your “strong suits”; what are you best at; what skills are you using in your current career?

7. What about your “long suits” what have you always wanted to do but never thought you could use them in your career?

8. Here is the most important tip of all- what are people looking for; what do they want; what do they want to buy today?

9. Now you can engage in a little- but not too much fantasy thinking now that you’ve begun to focus on marketing and sales and reality because the danger is that it’s so easy to be side-tracked into a job or career that lacks the possibility of a real future.

 10. If you have completed some research and you have a few viable ideas this is the time to schedule your complimentary 1-hour session with me so that I can offer you feedback and suggestions and your TO DO LIST! https://heartspacesolutions.com/coaching

Remember that you have a business when you make your first sale and not until that point. I can show you exactly the steps to get you from where you are today to that magical moment- I have helped countless people get there and you can be next!

I offer a free 1-hour telephone consultation so you can run your ideas by me and I can offer you some unique tools. https://heartspacesolutions.com/coaching