10 Tips to Motivate a Millionaire to Fall in Love with You – I did it and so CAN YOU!!

Whether you’re looking for a millionaire, a billionaire, or a simply fabulous partner, your 1st step, as with any big goal, is  preparation and you must find the best millionaire dating sites and watering holes!

You CAN do this- I have had 17 marriage proposals and four of them were from millionaires!

How you look and how you behave makes all the difference and if you think about the transformation of Kate Middleton to Prince William’s wife you’ll see your new goal! If you want to date a millionaire or marry one, there are common denominators in appearance and behavior that all extremely wealthy people require but the most important decision you can make is selecting the best website that has the most successful men or women who meet your educational, financial, and social ambitions. I have been sending people to a few dating sites with rich singles for years because with all the research I do and all the clients I work with worldwide, I find there a few great sites. Here are the other Tips to success! 


Tip 1. Please don’t shoot the messenger; you need to be thin and you need to have a great figure.  The wives and girlfriends of many millionaires and billionaires have had plastic surgery; they weren’t all born with perfect bodies! Rich singles belong to a special category and have the highest standards!

Tip 2. Some women can afford to have their hair done every few days but most can’t, so becoming skilled with a hairdryer and a flat iron and all the professional tricks you can employ is essential because to date a millionaire, someone who  opts  for the “whole package” from head to toe requires skills

Tip 3. This is the perfect time to join a website specializing in millionaire partnerships so that you get a sense of what the men and women are looking for..  Here are the benefits a rich singles dating site that I think you’ll really enjoy:


Tip 4. If you’ve been looking on Instagram for Hollywood celebrities and Grammy award winners you may have a skewed idea of the appearance that is in demand by wealthy men. For men who are not in the entertainment business it’s elegance, refinement and glamour; all three are your goal.

Tip 5. Your wardrobe must be elegant; figure-flattering in every single case,  and please only solid colors that communicate refinement such as black, white, cream, navy, camel, red, and yellow. Wearing one color from head to toe will make you look taller and thinner and do not wear more than two colors at the same time. And make sure you can walk in your 4 inch heels if that’s what you’re wearing ; no teetering -tottering allowed. If you’re a guy having a spectacular charcoal gray suit will set you apart from the crowds in black suits and navy suits and a wonderful navy blazer is a necessity at any age.

Tip 6. I believe that you MUST choose the right website because you need to be sure that you are visible to the kind of man or woman that you’re looking for! When you’re looking for  extremely accomplished and successful men and women here is helpful info:


Tip 7. How you present yourself on a website is crucial;  you have to look fabulous and you need professional photos; this is no time for selfies! The right lighting, the right poses, the right angles and the right wardrobe, hair, make-up and accessories are non-negotiable. You must look your most beautiful;  you must look intelligent – YES intelligent!! A tight tee on a woman or man is great but bathing suits look desperate!  Youmust look glamorous; you must look irresistible to the man who is going to be taking you to important parties with his A List friends and colleagues. As a man, the perfect haircut  and white shirt and beautiful tie are your best investments.

Tip 8. Your profile must describe you in such persuasive and inspiring words that men or women will stop what they’re doing to sit and write you thoughtful emails. How do you do that? You write about the things that millionaires and billionaires find interesting! Do you sail; do you ski; do you play tennis; do you play golf? All of these activities are very attractive to the wealthy who belong to country clubs and yacht clubs.Where have you travelled; what languages do you speak; are you a gourmet cook etc.? 

Tip 9. The next step is “going shopping”  and finding 10 different candidates who appeal to you.  Make sure you save these profiles because dating is sales and you need to be very clear about who it is that you are connecting to and you need to understand what he or she is looking for and what it is about YOU that each candidate will most likely find appealing; beauty, brains,  sex appeal; charm? Rich singles are very ambitious!

Tip 10. Now you’re ready to send a series of persuasive emails to FABULOUS MILLIONAIRE men or women accompanying your gorgeous photos for example:

“Hi Bob,  I noticed that you live in Seattle and you love to sail.  I’ve been sailing for many years myself and I’m so excited that I’m going on a catamaran trip in May. I’d love to hear more about you and look forward to connecting soon. Warmly,  Jane" or 
“Hi Ron, I was so interested to read that you sit on the board of your local hospital; that must be such a rewarding activity now that you’re retired. I noticed that you have a few photos with your horse and I remember how much I used to love riding; I’d love to hear more and look forward to chatting soon. Warmly, Linda” or 
“Hi John, it was great to read about your business and how much you love being an entrepreneur; I am an entrepreneur myself and I would love to hear how you got your start and became so spectacularly successful. I look forward to speaking soon. Warmly,  Carol”

The common denominator of all of the first contact emails is  that it is all about “them”. These are millionaires;  these are not the boys or girls-next-door; these are not people sitting around with nothing to do with their time.  Every millionaire who is self-made became very successful because they’re very focused and even if they  have retired  they remain very focused!. Therefore,  if you want rich singles to become very focused on YOU,  the very first step is to express how interesting you think they are and of course you only want to select men who you do find VERY interesting!

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