3 Secrets to Save Your Fortune in a High-Ticket Divorce

As a Certified Mediator, I have worked with couples throughout the United States and abroad, helping them create the most peaceful and inexpensive no-court divorces. Whether I worked with a couple possessing $60 million or a young husband and wife who were arguing about $3,000 in IRS debt, the strategy that works to craft a fair, inexpensive and FASTER divorce agreement is these 3 Divorce Secrets:

Secret # 1 Whether you possess great wealth or only debt the biggest savings is to limit your mediation or litigation time which minimizes your cost. That means you MUST learn The 6 Part Conversation© that generates cooperation between you and your spouse. Neither fighting nor giving in will work; instead, this peaceful and powerful communication tool that I developed 20 years ago works every time. The most amazing benefit is that it requires that only 1 spouse learn it, and that means YOU!

Secret #2 In any divorce, the most important decision you make is about the custody of any minor children and about your money and assets. The successful strategy to limit mediation and litigation is this; the only person to run your financials must be a CPA specializing in divorce or a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. UNDER NO circumstances have your attorney or mediator run your numbers; it’s simply not our skill set!

Secret #3 You must decide what you are willing to give and what you must get; that is the secret to any successful mediation. In my book, "The Marry-Go-Round or How to Save your Money your Sanity or your Life!" I describe The 7 Stages of Divorce® as Panic, Denial, Agony, Rage, Epiphany, when the light bulb goes off over your head; Negotiation and Peace! In the  Negotiation Stage, you MUST get absolutely clear what YOUR goal is. As with any crucial decision in life, intention and focus are the key to successful results.   At the same time you must communicate in a soft and motivating manner using The 6 Part Conversation so that you aren’t seen as “a man with a plan” which will COST YOU much more mediation or litigation time.

https://heartspacesolutions.com/contact/  Let me answer your questions so that you can see how to avoid the misery, suffering, and what has been for so many people a financial disaster- you can find a peaceful way to divorce! And I can help you accomplish it! 

This book is an in-depth demonstration of creating peace instead of war and it will work for you.  The Marry-Go-Round or How to Save your Money your Sanity and your Life!

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