5 Reasons you’re “Going through Men like Kleenex”

If you are a really gorgeous women then you MUST read this NOW! If you're a 7- 8- 9 or even a 10 you must read this NOW! 

When you are picture perfect; with a beautiful face and body, you have an entirely different problem with men than all your friends. Few people will tell you the truth about the biggest pitfall you have. Here is your How To Guide to avoid wasting yourself on the wrong men and remember that right now; every man wants you and you must choose right because choosing wrong will waste your youth and beauty.

1. Bad boys are called that for a reason: Don’t waste time on bad boys because you will lose your self-confidence and may not recover

2. Love cons: Learn to beware of con men who believe that you deserve to be used and abused.

3. Become a love goddess: If you feel lonely it's because being worshipped is different from being loved so you must learn to attract and nurture real love; lifelong love!   

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Here is the solution and it works- for every single woman who does exactly as follows:

1. Create your Perfect Life Partner List of 50-100 attributes for your PERFECT MAN- build him in your mind and then on paper or in a Word file like a science project.  
2. Every night before you go to sleep read your list and see HIM in front of you; imagine him kissing you and holding you.  Do this every single night until he appears in your life.  

3. Be careful to continue to do everything you need to meet the most fabulous man for you

A. Registering with the best matchmaking services who work with the most interesting and attractive men

B. Learning Heartspace® Prodating skills so that you avoid being swept away by the wrong man and then landing in his vacuum.

C. Stay focused on your needs and how to succeed in the life you desire by staying calm and present as you continue to date.

5.  BEWARE of someone who is “too good to be true”, there is  always something hidden

A. Encourage transparency and then assess the answers carefully.

B. Do a complete internet search; spokeo is a great option.

C. Read the information carefully and force yourself to believe it.   

This is the way to find your Perfect Life Partner; the man who can, will and does love and adore you. Your next challenge will be to stay calm and grounded and open long enough for him to fall in love with you. Many beautiful and sexy women have come to believe that being moody and difficult is cute and exciting but it never works for long. Eventually, all those women call me for divorce advice; don’t be one of them.  

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