5 Steps to Move Him from Lover to Friend

Are you desperate to get him to stop seeing you as his perfect Life Partner? Do you miss him when he isn’t around but not in the bedroom? This is one of the most common complaints that women have. When you meet a great guy who doesn’t turn you on yet you really like him you may not know how to shift him from potential lover to good friend; here’s how!  If he keeps trying to bribe you with dinner and expensive dates or even gifts do you dread the end of the evening that brings an awkward kiss; there is a way out of this mess.  These 5 Steps will let you motivate a man to become your friend; I’ve done this so many times and it always works.  

Step 1. CHEMISTRY is why bread rises and why egg whites turn into fluffy delicious meringue; without chemistry you just can’t get anywhere in a relationship. And even if you do you’ll live to regret it because having sex with someone week after week when you don’t want to is like being a slave in a harem; it’s torture.  

Step 2. DRESS DOWN not UP- If you keep looking your best every time you see him he’ll keep thinking about how desirable you are. Instead you can show up looking nice; pretty and clean of course without sexy sandals and fabulous eye shadow etc. Presenting yourself as a person and not as a fantasy prize allows you to begin to create the friendship that will benefit each of you.

Step 3. INCREASE YOUR  “FRIEND VALUE” – In addition to sex appeal what else does he enjoy about you? Every relationship is based on benefits- are you smart, funny, sophisticated, musical etc.? You still have all that even if you subtract sex so find ways to include him in the interesting things you do so that becoming just your friend is worth it to him.    

Step 4. When you introduce him as a friend do it with enthusiasm- not embarrassment. Becoming your friend needs to seem like a goal for him; not just Honorable Mention when he lost the prize. So be proud that you have this wonderful friend and he’ll begin to feel proud, too.

Step 5.  CLOSING THE DEAL is a set of skills that take self-confidence. And if you don’t have enough self-confidence how do you close a deal in the first place? One great benefit is helping him meet his Dream Woman and I can teach him all the skills that have allowed so many of my clients to be in the life-long love affairs they never believed would be possible. And please share this with him; it’s a clip from one of my recent television interviews called “How to Make a Woman Fall Madly in Love with You”   


Aha- that’s one of my secret weapons and I’m happy to share it with you and/or with him when you each receive a free 1 hour telephone session.  And you can ask me all your questions about turning his passion into friendship.

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