Once you’re divorced, if you’re think you’re “winning” you’re already losing. If you’ve had a terrible divorce or even a dangerous divorce like me, you feel raw and your only thought may be to get even- however, that is the road to disaster for you and for your children and pets. And even if something were to happen to your former partner the truth is that you would be wasting years of your life that you will never reclaim. What you focus on is truly what you get so please choose to focus on health, success, peace, joy, love and a wonderful FUTURE. If you are wasting time on vengeance you are making a choice that is potentially lethal for you and it’s your turn to focus on you and create a great life.  

Let go of getting even
Do not repeat the past

Instead, take this PLEDGE to do what works

I promise that:  

I am staying focused on MY future
I commit myself to learning new skills so that I build MY new life
I master any mood and I become a pleasure to live with
I build a great new life for myself and my children and pets.

If you find yourself feeling ANGRY about your PAST know that if you are learning new skills now and working hard to master these skills every day that you are actually creating a different future; a new kind of FUTURE.

If you feel SAD about the PRESENT acknowledge that you are learning how to have power and how to make better choices, too. And now that you see the past choices that didn’t work you are smarter, too.

Whenever you have a FEARFUL thought about your FUTURE; look at the story you’re telling yourself and you will see that you have forgotten to put the PAST in the PAST and you are dragging it around with you. You need to turn the corner and meet your new life now; so that you create your new life every single day.   Resolutions Can come True ! 

During your relationship you had plans, and for so many couples each new year brought resolutions; often the same ones year after year.  

This clip answers the questions:

1. What are the options if you keep setting a goal and you’re not reaching it?

2. How do you set the goal for Love?

3.     How do you attract the Perfect Life Partner for you with the greatest speed and success?

4.  How do you create a powerful goal for money and wealth?

5. How do you create and reach goals about health?

6. If you have big challenges with your family, you’ll learn to set for this.

7. Career issues are a little different from money issues; learn how you can set a career resolution or goal and reach it!

8. Once you reach a Goal here is the next step so that you keep your Momentum building.

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