Quantum Goal Reaching©

Quantum Goal Reaching© Transforms Your Relationships

If you have ever been in a relationship with bickering, arguing or fighting you know that it’s a slippery slope and that little by little it can become the habit, right? Or perhaps you have been or are in a situation where you’ve stopped talking altogether and are you just living separate lives in the same house because you refuse to argue any longer; does that sound all too familiar?

Have you been feeling hopeless that you can transform old habits or that your partner would so that you can have the life you desire that includes the joy and satisfaction with which you began your relationship? It is so tempting to focus on what is not working and little by little the entire relationship becomes a long laundry list of complaints with either or both of you venting and suffering in which no one ever wins. There is a completely different way to live and you can begin today; you can start to focus on what you want; you can think about exactly what you want and by when and then you can learn to be calm and focused until you reach that goal and repeat, repeat and repeat.

Quantum Goal -Reaching© 2015

The Heartspace© Goal-reaching© System

  • Write your #1 Goal on (an index) card
  • Sign and set your intention date by day/month/year
  • Place your card in a visible area (bathroom mirror is great)
  • Read your goal out loud 3 times each morning.
  • Read your goal our loud 3 times each night.
  • Notice if you feel sad or worried or even hopeless and Heartspace™ can get you through that, too.

To Improve your results:

  1. Clarify your goals
  2. Learn to create goals in “Goal-reaching language”

By dd/mm/yy I (own/have/receive etc.) ($/#/data what specifically do you want).

Be sure you say the exact thing, amount or result you MUST have. Never add “or better”; it never gets you more it blocks you from receiving.

  1. Learn to open up to hope and live in “positive expectation and belief” 90% of every day!
  2. Master Self-empathy, Part 1 of The 6 Part Conversation© to maintain the inner peace essential to manifest your goals.
  3. Master the 4 Questions of Inquiry to turn around any negative “stories” you believe are true.
  4. Repeat your goals 10 times daily
  5. Learn the entire 6 Part Conversation©: Self-empathy, Empathy, Self-expression, Reflection, Clarification and Solution so that every conversation is effective, peaceful, motivating and inspiring.
  6. Avoid all past strategies that have been unsuccessful.
  7. Use 41/2 Minutes to Peace© to guarantee consistency: master focusing on the same goal every day without vacillating and without giving up
  8. Practice and increase momentum: learn to increase the velocity with which you approach your goal and manifest your preferred results by refusing to give up on it and becoming more resourceful.
  9. Practice Resolve and Never Give Up!

And if you find that you keep having the same goal about your relationship and you’ve done your own work and added new skills yourself then let’s talk about skills to motivate and inspire your partner!

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