“Corona Divorce” Gaining Desperate Momentum

The latest buzzword is “Corona Divorce” and if you are married or living together you need to be very, very skilled to weather this newest threat to your long-term committed relationship. It’s easy to become frustrated and feel hopeless about the future, but how you communicate this, if you do, is the pivot to greater intimacy or war.

Before Coronavirus you had options; the choice to spend time apart and even the choice to cheat but now there are few options to leave home and virtually no opportunities to be away overnight. As options to “disappear” have evaporated more and more marriages are falling under the pressure. Only those who can get along will survive, only the few where there is a deep level of passion and compassion can thrive.

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Insider Business Magazine reports that “the Japanese rental company Kasoku is offering married couples separate, short-term rental units as a way of letting them spend time apart if their marriage is going through a rough patch." A spokesman for Kasoku told The Japan Times that the purpose of the initiative is to avoid divorce. Kasoku reported that “the phrase ‘corona divorce’ has surfaced on social media in recent weeks, a development that informed the company's decision." Their intention as reported is, “We hope couples first distance themselves and think about (their marriage). For our part, we will provide rooms that they can live in and an environment for teleworking," he added.

Journalist Charlie Wood reported that “another locale that is already experiencing higher divorce rates is “some cities within neighboring China, divorce rates are thought to have reached record highs during early March.” https://www.businessinsider.com/author/charlie-wood

ABC News has reported that a wave of divorce filings is expected to break across the country when Covid-19 confinement ends, according to several divorce attorneys.

“Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia, a prominent British divorce lawyer told the UK House of Lords in March, ‘The prediction amongst divorce lawyers is that following self-imposed confinement it is very likely that the divorce rate will rise.’”

Chicago family law attorney Robert Segal expects a "deluge" of divorce cases. “While access to courts is now limited, when those restrictions are lifted, I have no doubt that there will be an overwhelming number of filings,"

According to Susan Myres, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, "This is what we are hearing around the country; we are fielding calls right now from people who are tired of being in the same house with each other."

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The real causes are more complex:

1. Facing mortality inspire many to make crucial changes that they had been afraid to make.
Financial fear and the feeling of binary isolation, two under “house arrest”.  

2. Without advanced communication skills, even domestic violence may become one of your challenges. Here’s What you MUST LEARN:

Never, ever, ever speak when you’re angry; Self-soothe first. The things you say now will NOT be forgotten or forgiven.
Learn Brain-breathing© is one of the most effective tools to calm yourself fast. I describe Brain-breathing so that you can self- sooth within in a few minutes once you’ve learned it.  

Please enjoy the article I wrote for yourtango  about " keeping your relaitonship strong during Covid-19 "House Arrest" https://tinyurl.com/y95zpj6e

3. Self-empathy is about understanding your needs which are always positive concepts/words such as Affection, Passion, Understanding, Peace, Cooperation, Financial Stability etc. When you learn to do this you will need a pen and paper.  

Notice any discomfort you are feeling either n your mind or body; all negative emotions are either fear, anger or sadness.  
On your pad create two columns; one for Feelings and one for Needs; the Feelings on the left and the Needs on the right. After the Needs column, write Breathe!
Here are the Feelings and Needs that so many people are experiencing right now:

                 Feelings                                                Needs                     Breathe

I am feeling         worried because I need         peace                         breathe

I am feeling       concerned because I need financial security           breathe

I am feeling        anxious because I need compassion                       breathe

These are only examples of what you may be feeling and needing and once you connect to yourself; take a deep yogic breath after each “Self-empathy round”

Once you have this habit of noticing what is happening in your mind, you can begin to calm down and relax. Soon you will have the life-altering experience of knowing that instead of blaming others for your uncomfortable state, you want and need to focus on getting those needs met.   How to have more peace and financial security in your life; how to receive more compassion- then the focus becomes solutions!

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