Fabulous Monogamous Men- As Rare as the Siberian Tiger

Do you wonder how those other women have created lifelong joyous and passionate monogamy? Are you looking at your “partner” and waiting for a trade-in and upgrade to cross your path? Your first step is to find the perfect man for you- these Secrets are a joy when you are with HIM; and the joy is because he is the right fit for you and you are the right fit for him.  Then these Secrets provide the glue that keeps you “in-joying” every day together.  

SECRET #1 Become his obsession; Monogamous men think differently because you are the ONLY lover he gets, so you MUST make sex breathtaking, awe-inspiring; and addictive!

SECRET #2 Become his Venus, the Goddess of Love- Your job, if you are seeking a lifelong monogamous marriage is to generate, tend and insure the deep intimate connection between you and your man. When you learn to create The Tantric Lock©, my name for “two, merging into one”, you begin to enter a magnificent trance state together; one from which you will never fully recover.

SECRET #3 Become the most compassionate communicator- Learn to listen, speak and write every word to your partner with loving empathy using Heartspace® skills. When you learn to self-soothe rather than expressing fear, anger or sadness you become the greatest joy in his life. And when you are a joy, he rushes to come home to you.

SECRET #4 Become both honest and motivating – You must love him and love what you do with him; this is not about slavery! So when you feel challenged the key is to look at your goal; not at your discomfort. Then consider how to reach your goal and be sure that you are persuasive and inspiring.  

SECRET #5 Live for mutuality- it’s all about “us”! When your needs being met are as important to you as his needs being met; that’s love!  

These Secrets can take you to a higher plane of love to Unconditional Love, the BIGGEST SECRET! Of all the things my clients were taught about love before working with me most of it was manipulative, fear-based and potentially dangerous.

BONUS SECRET #6- Learn to live in Unconditional Love - Instead of reacting and causing an argument, do 100% of what works and 0% of what does not! If you suddenly feel jealous or believe you’re being “abused” or “ignored” or any of those stories that make you feel like a victim, remembers these demons destroy love and they destroy you. When you feel like a victim you will automatically start to disconnect and it may happen so fast that you’ve destroyed your relationship before you “wake up”. Instead of living like a victim where the slightest breeze can blow your relationship away, learn to focus on your goals and your preferences and make them happen through love, motivation and the “force of your will” offering the most loving partnership to him so that you can never be replaced.

Then you will become irreplaceable and will be accorded the love that you have sought your entire life.  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJEapuf2uUU   My Definition of Love for you- and i think you will enjoy this as it feels so peaceful and delicious for both of you. Please let me know your questions as I offer a 1 hour complimentary session! [email protected]

Remember a Trial and Error approach to finding love and monogamy is exhausting!