How to Cheat-Proof your Marriage in 3 Steps

If you can termite-proof your porch with treated wood; if you can germ-proof your pool with chlorine; if you can prevent many of the most common disasters; don’t you need to learn how to CHEAT-PROOF your MARRIAGE! The same solutions hold if you are living together and not yet married.     

Obviously, the solutions are emotional and physical intimacy; everyone knows that but how do you do it! What most women who contact me don’t know is how to provide enough long-term physical pleasure so that their husbands stay where they want them; in their marital beds and not in someone else’s. With Heartspace® only one of you needs to learn these skills and if you want power in your marriage; YOU want to learn this!  Practicing Unconditional Love 

1. Sexual Joy: You must have a husband who you are crazy about; you cannot keep going in a monogamous relationship unless you select the right guy; the one who makes your toes curl! If you married for friendship, money, or other forms of safety this article isn’t for you. Once you find the man who you adore, the key is to make him feel so aroused and so satisfied that you are the one and only for him!

For example:

Some men are all about a woman’s looks or about her hair or her weight; some live for special forms of touch; some have a yen to being on top or on the bottom or for various positions that they prefer and that mean a lot to them. While he is not your boss; you need to be sure that he is happy and that you are, too and that requires a lot of communication and sexual skills.

2. Emotional intimacy: The deepest heart-to-heart connection is created through empathy. Guessing what your husband is feeling and needing is the 1st step to making sure that he is connected to you and it allows you to be in sync and happily connected every day. Speaking in a soft, loving, and joyous manner allows every wife to create emotional intimacy rather than the common enemy of marriage which is indifference and judgmental habits.

For example:

When your husband comes home from work you may say,

 “Honey, I imagine you had a long day, yes?” and when he begins to tell you about his tough day you may want to add,

“It sounds as if you feel exhausted; would you like a neck massage?” Can you see how that creates a peaceful and intimate evening? And can you see how that promotes the opportunity for you to have your neck massaged in the future, too?

3. Loving support: You need to encourage new habits in subtle and positive ways. Every one of my boyfriends and my two former husbands were more financially successful during our years together than they had been before or after. These skills mean that you avoid feeling angry or frustrated because those will lead you to criticize and to make demands. Instead, lovingly accepting him because he is the right man for you is the first step to motivating him to move forward just as you motivate yourself.

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