Online Dating for Lasting Love, Safety and Success!

Do you have an online dating horror story to tell or do you have the skills you need to avoid that and find someone great? Men and women tell me about people they met online who asked them for money and about others who pretend to be available; has this ever happened to you?

There are tools and skills that I have bene offering clients for 17 years and they work; so that you can learn to use the fabulous opportunity of online dating without being cruised and conned.  Prodating© is a system I developed in 2002 when I was looking for a partner myself and after I had been scammed on a blind date, introduced by a close friend to a man with murder on his mind! Prodating© offers you real skills that you NEED to stay safe when you are dating online such as:

I. Finesse for Information: Why you should never ask a direct question if you want the truth!

A. When you ask, “Why did your last marriage end?” you’ll get the prepared answer, won’t you? Instead ask, “I imagine it was disappointing to divorce after 20 years, yes?” And then listen carefully for any hesitation in his or her voice that indicates something is under the surface.
Instead of asking “How many children do you have and how old are they?” which sounds like an interrogation, you can say, “I saw on your profile that you have children who don’t live with you and a photo of you with a baby; you must love being a grandfather; right?” Then you want to relax and hear is this a man who is spending every weekend babysitting. If this is your idea of a lovely weekend that’s great but if you want to be on a cruise alone with your Romeo or in Paris, then this is probably not your guy.

B. If you’re looking forward to having children with someone as a woman you want to avoid a partner who is set against children whether it’s a man who doesn’t want to be a father and is afraid to say so or a woman who has had her children and doesn’t want more of them. So how do you find this out without spending months and months with him or her? The fastest way is to be very enthusiastic about your own desire such as, “I’m online looking for a great partner and I’m ready to have a few wonderful children; is that appealing to you, too?” and as always listen, listen, listen.      
If you’re a guy who thinks he’s found the most gorgeous real woman on a site then you must, must control your lust long enough to investigate. Please don’t lead the witness into her fabricated story of wealth and “I just need another $3,000 to bring my baby home.” Your options then are to disconnect and thank your safety brain for seeing this for the danger it is or to do something that you will really, really regret. What most men don’t realize when they send money to a woman online is that too often it is not a woman at all and that they will never, ever have the pleasure of a beautiful woman’s company as a result of their generosity. Remember that C.O.D. can either mean cash on delivery of cause of death!   

 Staying safe is actually quite easy when you pay close attention to the following:

II. Prodating Etiquette: Learn how to create emotional intimacy BEFORE you have sex!

A. The path to intimacy is to show someone that you can be trusted and that you don’t judge. That does not mean that you let everyone “in”; it means that you pay careful attention to what you’re hearing.
Are the photos clear and recent, showing the full body, head to toe?  Are there other people in the photo or worse; have other people been cut out of the photo? Is someone showing possessions or body parts more than what makes him or her unique as a partner? An airplane, a yacht and a Rolls Royce is great; if you remember that you don’t sleep with them or have great conversations with them!  

B. Send 2-4 emails and no more before moving to a phone call on your cell. Remember that with your cell you can block that caller in the future if needed. These emails show you if he or she is a real option for you; is the email well-written and consistent with the Profile? Does the email demonstrate an interest in you or is it only a sales pitch for a hot date?

For more information about identifying if someone is a real candidate for you and to learn the most successful ways to set up a date with online men and women, I offer a complimentary 1 hour telephone session. Please email [email protected] and I will be delighted to discuss your own unique needs and suggest the best way to proceed! Online dating is fantastic when you know how to use it as one path to a GREAT RELATIONSHIP! For 60 pages of testimonials