Partnership and Commission Agreements in 4 Easy Steps

1. Create a list of your NEEDS using only positive language.  This list will be comprised of 1-4 word line items such as:

Receive Seed Financing

50 New Client Introductions

Weekly Management Consulting

2. Describe EXACTLY how you ENVISION each of these line items such as:

Receive Seed Financing:

 (Name) introduces me to ______________ individuals/companies who agree to provide a total of $_____________ in Seed Financing by Day Month 2017.  

3.  Learn the motivating and inspiring language of The 6 Part Conversation for Sales© so that you identify the key needs of the listener/s and only utilize phrasing and verbiage and a tone of voice that motivates them in every communication, including in person; on the phone; in emails and in texts.  

4.  When you identify people with whom you are ready to create a written agreement whether it is a Letter of Intention; a Partnership Agreement or a contract of any kind you will already have clarity of the performance that each of you must deliver when you use this 4 step process.  Susan Allan speaks about Reaching Your Goals on TV Santa Barbara 

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