The 7 Stages of Relationships©

The 7 Stages of Relationships©

You became a couple to love and share a wonderful life together, didn’t you? Or you may be looking for a great partner right now because your life is good and you want a partner to share it with you. Perhaps you’ve realized that for you, life has more sweetness if you have a companion, yes?

None of us started a relationship to find someone to argue with and we never looked online for the most argumentative person we could find, right! However, as relationships continue the biggest problem is not money, it’s not infidelity, it’s not porn or religion or politics or addiction; the biggest problem that most couples face is arguments simply because they don’t were never taught how to create peace. If this sounds like you please know that I have the solution and it works and thousands and thousands of people have learned this from me.

With Heartspace® you can avoid every single argument; you can forget bickering and resentment and still be heard and understood. You can learn to do this at any point in your relationship; before or during marriage or living together, and if you have children you’ll need to do this even if you end the relationship because post-divorce children are the gift that keeps on giving you new opportunities to feel RAGE or create PEACE udring shared custody.

So many of you have asked me how you can learn to create peace and the answer is that as we learn to transform into more peaceful people- from the inside out- and shift the way we think, listen, speak, and act with the Heartspace® and 6 Part Conversation© training so that our relationships become the loving, supportive and joyous experiences that we’ve sought for so long and sometimes that means learning to create different relationships!

A workable life-long relationship is one in which at least one of you is able to focus on solutions instead of on problems. With the countless individuals, families, corporations who have studied this - and I’ve also given workshops in jail for the California MERIT program- I’ve heard that everyone wants the same things- more self-respect, more respect, more affection, more peace, more financial security, more passion, more trust, morel love, and more is what is always possible when at least one of you in each relationship can create more peace.

I offer a complimentary 1 hr. private telephone session so that you can transform your life, your family and your future and ask me anything and everything so that you get the honest answers you need!

The most important skills that you can learn to move from PANIC to PEACE are part of the 6 Part Conversation© I developed: Self-empathy and Empathy. It’s up to each of us to create the life we desire and with Self-empathy and Empathy you can do it. Please remember that the great news is that it takes only 1 partner to create peace in any relationship! And peace is the first step for you because then you can inspire your partner to meet more of your needs and by doing that, with peace, more of your partners' needs will also being met.

In Self-empathy you will learn to see that you’re feeling PANIC, AGONY, RAGE etc. because you haven’t been able to get one or more of your needs met. And you’ll remember times when other people were yelling at you to try to get you to do something when they were angry, right? And when that happens you probably thought “Why don’t they just speak to me calmly and with respect and then I might do it!” When we learn to calm our self down other people will listen and that is the key to be being heard so it all leads you from PANIC to PEACE in every relationship beginning with the most important one; the one you have with yourself.

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