The 9 Keys to your Most Successful Life

You are already successful in so many ways - you have many supportive relationships, you enjoy good or even excellent health; you have an interesting and lucrative career or job, and you love your family, friends and partner. You’ve had challenges and you’ve survived and thrived, right! If you’re a 1st generation career woman or a 1st generation college graduate or a 1st generation business owner then you have accomplished this because you already many more skills than your parents had, yes?

What if you could possess enough skills so that whatever challenges appeared on your horizon you would have the ability to solve them FAST? What if you knew the best ways to avoid most of the challenges that other people experience? To have the MOST successful life we need so many skills.

When you know where and how to find solutions to every kind of problem you have no more problems and this is the result of developing whole-brain thinking!

Which of these skills have you mastered and which are new to you? Clients who have mastered some of these skills have had incredible, seemingly miraculous results with finances, with loving relationships, with their health, with their careers and with their families!  

These are The 9 Keys to Life! Master them and you Master Life! Please enjoy my latest youtube video helping you prepare for your inspired life with these 9 Keys to life. 

  1. Managing moods
  2. Keeping the past in the past
  3. Trusting and knowing who to trust
  4. Knowing your Life Purpose
  5. Motivating and inspiring people
  6. Goal-reaching skills
  7. Mastering Patience
  8. Focused Determination
  9. Lifelong Personal Evolution

To understand each of these Keys please think of the areas in your own life where you have had challenges and know that Heartspace® solutions include all the solutions you desire!  

Managing moods

Whether you are accustomed to managing your moods or giving in to them can you imagine the freedom, the power and peace you will experience once you have put moodiness in the past? There are tools and skills that I offer to dispel the moods and to discipline the mind. Mastering these skills take months not decades and you needn’t spend years in India as I have done or spend thirty years meditating; these are skills you can learn quickly when you are committed to inner peace.

Keeping the past in the past

So many of us are tormented by terrible experiences that we have endured so that although we have survived them we carry the fear, anger and sadness that is reactivated whenever we contemplate the past traumas. With unique to eliminate past trauma life becomes the sweet experience, the joy and bliss that is our human birthright.  

Trusting and knowing who to trust

This single tool can make the biggest difference as we navigate life and it will allow you to avoid all the dead end relationships, jobs, and “opportunities’ and see them as options, not as your destiny.

Keeping the past in the past

When you meet people who feel great joy, satisfaction and who radiate peace how you noticed that they are usually clear about their Life Purpose? There is a specific way to think, using all four key parts of your brain to assess what your own purpose may be. And as you utilize all these parts of your brain you are able to move forward with your purpose as so many of my clients have done.

Motivating and inspiring people

When you have mastered the unique communication skill called The 6 Part Conversation© you will have the ability to understand your own needs and understand other people’s needs, even when they are confused about their needs themselves. And when you have these skills communicate you will be able to motivate them, to inspire them and create peaceful solutions with anyone and everyone.

Goal-reaching© skills

There are specific skills that can allow you to reach your goals more and more of the time as you become clearer and more focused on results. Can you imagine how much more wonderful life can be when you have mastered more of these skills that you need to reach your goals?  And the more that you practice these skills the easier they become until you find yourself thinking about preferred results instead of suffering with the current state of your life.

Mastering Patience

After you have mastered your moods, Key #1, you will notice that even with mental control and discipline you will find one thought reoccurring which is that you want the results NOW. When that crops up you will need to self-sooth with Self-empathy so that you can stay focused on your goals and continue to stay focused on creating your peaceful, joyous, successful life and one thing that derails that is losing one’s patience.

Focused Determination

There is a combination of positive emotions that when we feel them intensely and consistently, we are able to increase the speed with which we have results in our life. So if you truly desire something and you master your moods and you use goal-reaching skills and have consistent patience and joy as you envision the goal being reached you will find – to your amazement- that many of the results that have eluded you are arriving day by day.

Lifelong Personal Evolution

It has been almost half a century since I began studying with Enlightened Masters, teachers, Gurus, and experts on a parallel course to my traditional education. Your own commitment to Lifelong Personal Evolution, the 9th Key will allow you to fulfill your life’s purpose and do it with more ease and speed and results, too. When you have this commitment you will find the information, training and support that you need and Heartspace®, these skills that I have accumulated may be the perfect place for you to begin.  As I say to many of my clients, “I’ve spent $1 million acquiring these tools and skills and developing new ones so that you don’t have to.” Please allow me me to support you with a complimentary 1 hour telephone session so that you can see if these tools can provide you with the life you have always desired.

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