He Cheated or You Cheated; can you Fix this? What’s The Solution?

Cheating can either be the worst or the best thing that has ever happened to you! Are you shocked that I say this? As a Dating and Marriage Coach, “taking the temperature” of your relationship is the key to a lifelong love affair because it’s not enough to know if you’re happy; your partner’s needs may be very different and to avoid infidelity the secret is that both of you must be in love; in lust and in sync 75% of the time.  

1. When your friends try to give you Relationship advice please don’t listen!  Even if your friends have the best marriages ever; their partners aren’t your partner and their needs are probably very different form yours, too!

2. Intimacy skills that work brilliantly include a deep dive into understanding how you and your partner think  https://heartspacesolutions.com/services-view/reconciliation/ Who is more financially-focused; who is more focused on passion; who is more devoted to peace and freedom; who is more interested in avoiding debt and staying safe? Until you understand how to navigate relationships around these differences, you’ll be at risk for a break-up, cheating and divorce!

3. Saving your marriage is one of my specialties; in the last 20 years I have shown countless couples and individuals the skills and tools that create peace, understanding; forgiveness and as a result intimacy and passion can begin to flow again and they DO!

4. Heartspace® Marriage Coaching is based on your need to understand how you went from hot to cold; how you can turn it around; how you must communicate with your spouse using different words and a totally different tone of voice and finally how to seduce your partner back into the passion, intimacy, joy and satisfaction that is the glue in every great marriage.  

5. The “Tantric Lock” is the tool that allow you to create an intimate relationship with no room for a 3rd party and n desire for one either! Tantra is entirely free of manipulative games; free of jealousy or anger; free of anything but unconditional love, desire and bliss; wouldn’t you enjoy learning this?  
Wouldn’t you prefer to have a free one-hour telephone consultation with me for Marriage Coaching rather than Divorce Coaching, of course you would!  heartspacesolutions.com/contact/  And wouldn’t both be preferable to consulting me as a Divorce Mediator; yes! Learn the 6 Part conversation© to create cooperation and co-create solutions before it’s too late!

6. Many clients are shocked to learn that the skills they need when they’re dating which include creating peace, passion, and a deep level of intimacy, joy and safety are the same skills that they’ll need if they want to receive a marriage proposal. I’ve received 17 marriage proposals, and a few were from men who hadn’t “sampled my wares” at all! And I have so many happily married clients, too!

7.  The Recipe for a Happy Marriage requires that you practice Unconditional Love and Unconditional Passion and those skills are unknown to most people so please let me demonstrate it for you so that you can transform your relationship NOW!  

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