“How do I Save My Marriage?” with Heartspace® Joyous Reconciliation

Heartspace® Reconciliation has been 100% effective and every single person who has learned and mastered and used these skills has saved their marriage and created reconciliation with their partner; why because no one wants to divorce; no one wants to keep fighting. Are you looking in the mirror and asking "How do I save my marriage?" If you are feeling desperate for a solution this is for you:

  • Key #1: If you meet more of your partner's needs that is Phase 1 because your partner will stop fighting, stop complaining and the door will start to open again.

These Key's to Reconciliation provide peace and power so that you avoid divorce because you will be able to avoid fighting and you will be able to be together in a loving and intimate way; when and if you want to. If you're thinking "why do I have to do all this work?" you don't. Read this and learn this if you're tired of having your relationships crash and burn and you're ready to end this roller coaster and prevent divorce. You will learn how to avoid break-ups and how to reunite if you're already apart if you want to.

  1. Every relationship is 100%/0% and that means that it is the job of only one of you at any one time to be fully responsible for peace, love, passion, cooperation, understanding, trust, financial stability etc.   Most partners get triggered and can't create peace. If you are the one who is committed to Reconciliation, in the beginning it will be up to you to turn this around. You may feel angry thinking that it should be 50%/50% and if that were true there would be very few reconciliations. This training gives you the power and the skills you need to motivate and inspire your partner to reconnect is in and of itself a spectacular benefit. It also means you can avoid every possible argument with all the people you know and will meet!
"My husband was having an affair. I was determined to save our marriage of 20 years and our family. I learnt strategies that assisted me; we never separated and the affair fizzled out. Unfortunately, one teenager turned to drugs, alcohol and defiance. Susan's coaching again, grounded me, gave me a different perspective. It has been an extraordinary journey to have my family where it is today. I would never have thought it possible 3 years ago. Susan's understanding of human interactions is profound and remarkable and her own personal search for peace and open communication with all people are effective. I choose to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of my family." L,  San  Marino, CA
  1. The 7 Stages of Relationships© Since it is fear that always stops anyone from loving and from attracting love please begin The Reconciliation Process by noticing your own emotions which may be fear, anger and/or sadness whenever your needs are not being met.7 Stages of a RelationshipYou must bring yourself to inner peace before you communicate with your partner if your goal is peace and cooperation and reconciliation. Notice any PANIC or AGONY or RAGE and turn it around within 4 ½ minutes or less with Self-empathy which is described more fully in the Marriage Special Report.


  1. Learn to get on the same page with your partner FAST with The 6 Part Conversation©. If your partner is worried about finances, you must empathize and understand and be on the same team. If he or she has been unable to stay committed to your relationship in the face of emotional problems you must calm your partner down and be a team player to solve this, too. link to 6 part chartWith Self-empathy you won't have a "breaking point" again because you will be able to calm yourself and calm your partner.

Practice Self-empathy every time you think "SAVE MY MARRIAGE!" and master this as soon as you can; it is miraculous in creating lasting reconciliations.When you are willing to feel uncomfortable without distancing yourself; and feel vulnerable without ending a relationship that will produce growth and peace for both of you and this ability is the key to Reconciliation and life-long love when you communicate your own feelings and needs in a peaceful and loving way. To prevent divorce Self-empathy is one of the most valuable skills you can learn. Please review all the 6 parts of The 6 Part Conversation© as you need to have these skills to move from Panic to PEACE and take your partner along for the ride. The next time you look in the mirror you won't be asking "How do I save my marriage?"; you will have done it.


  1. Herman Brain Dominance ChartReconciliation using Whole-brain thinking™ When you consider how to improve, strengthen, and intensify your relationship have you considered that your differences may be the greatest asset you have together? If one of you always "remembers the little things" and is very romantic, while one of you plans the budget down to the last penny, must you argue? If one of you focuses on plans for the future while the other is grounded in the day-to-day details is it not possible to feel grateful for the advantages of two thinking styles in one household?


  1. Are You a "Bunny Underfoot"?   Letting go does not mean giving up your power to become road kill, does it?  When you are willing to "do anything to avoid confrontation", that may trigger even more RAGE in your partner. How can you demonstrate healthy and appropriate intimacy and also motivate that in a partner? Many people are so sweet that they appear to be annoying, cloying and the opposite of magnetic. Other partner are harsh, critical and lacking in kindness. Are you a bunny or are you a meat-grinder; is your relationship a combination of the two?


Whether you are managing the Reconciliation without your partner knowing you're learning these skills or if you are working on this together it's all about more of your partner's needs getting met as you begin Reconciliation and that will ultimately lead to more of your own being met if it's a good match for both of you. Because every relationship is 100%/0% you have the power to create the most miraculous relationship of your life and you can start today with these tools and skills. The more you practice them the better your lives become; together.


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