If employees are a BIG PAIN it’s that you speak different languages

Here are a few reasons why you MUST learn the language your key employees understand in order to get BETTER RESULTS throughout your company! Here is a hint for you- when you visit Paris does it matter what your native language is or would it be smart to learn some French? If you want to be understood, learn your listeners’ language; don’t expect them to speak yours!  And yes I understand that you are the BOSS- it’s just that if you go to Paris and you don’t speak French it’s a challenge for you- no matter how much money you throw at it or how many times you repeat yourself.

Can you guess the mismatch of languages below based on your “thinking style” and your employee’s?

1. Do you speak $s and they speak ideas?

A.  How often have you asked an employee to tell you what something costs and to analyze the situation and solve it and gotten either no answer or inaccurate information?  

B. And how often have you gotten a blank look because that particular employee was a Creative Director who lacks sufficient money skills or an Accountant who knew the numbers did not work but  did not have Sales and Management skills? So frustrating, right!

2. Are you effective enough when you’re motivating a Producer or Operations employee?

A. Have you attempted to be warm and friendly with a Production staff member thinking that rapport would bring better results?

B. Do you remember getting a stony stare instead of warmth and gratitude because the employee isn’t a connecting and friendly person and instead is a great detail person?

3. Have you ever lost your temper with a sales person or tried to get your sales team to close more deals? What worked and what did not?  

A. Have you ever asked your Account Execs, “How are you planning on accomplishing that?” and “How did you close the last deal with that client?”

B. If you got nowhere when you had expected an action plan it was because your Sales person may be fabulous at rapport and presentations and have no idea about the step-by-step plan that he or she actually used.  

4. How about when you’re speaking to your Board of Directors whose job is to guide you to financial stability and branding growth?

A. Have you ever tried to talk about ideas without offering evidence that it can work and providing your Action Plan?

B. Or if you have “bean counters” who finance you can you see why any potential hire needs to have credentials and references and create results quickly if they are brought into the company?

If you are struggling with your employees or business partners I will teach you how to speak to them in a different way; in their language with their vocabulary so that you are heard; you are understood and so that a Solution is found for your company!

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