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The Sales Forum© is a great asset if you are a Boss, an Employee, an Entrepreneur and/or if you are looking for a New Job or Position:

Team building activites for the workplace and for the workspace. More effective group activities and careers begin with focused successful effective job applications that consider the thinking of the CEO, the President, the corporate culture and how you can showcase yourself as the best match. If you are an Entrepreneur or a Solepreneur then you need to focus on the needs of each potential client to close deals faster and with bigger contracts.

Key #1: If you're the BOSS:

  • Do your employees cooperate with each other?
  • Does your staff take direction and follow through?
  • Does your Sales Team Open, Present and Close with Complete CONFIDENCE?
  • Do all your employees describe your goods/services so that clients & potential clients FULLY ENGAGE and BUY?
  • Do your Sales Staff know how to offer Value-Added Products with success?
  •  Are they Upselling regularly?
  • Do they sell your inventory or ask for different products too often
  • Is your Bottom line increasing each year?

The Sales Forum© includes all the skills for your company

Andrea Michaels

Andrea Michaels

“Being president of a small but ever growing business has proven challenging over the years. I am a creative type, and therefore not always able (or willing…shhhhh!) to focus on business issues that take me away from being my creative self, which is a heck of a lot more fun and inspiring. Then I met Susan Allan: focus; amazing focus. Not only did Susan make a commitment to talk through issues with me, but also with my staff. What I gained has been invaluable. Confronted with a challenge or an obstacle, my first stop is Susan. ‘Here’s the situation’ leads to dialogue that gains me insight, offers me possible solutions, allows me to try out communication styles until I can establish a clear path that leads to non-confrontational conversations with end goals being met in a win/win outcome for all parties involved. Susan is direct, motivating, clear…but more than that, she cares. Every conversation has been supportive. Do I always hear what I want to hear? No. But what I do hear is truth presented to me intelligently and respectfully. I have gained much. My employees have gained much. My business is in a much better place after meeting and working with Susan.” - Andrea Michaels CEO Extraordinary Events

Emily Gould

Emily Gould

“Susan, I think of you so often and always with such gratitude and affection. You taught me so much in such a short period of time and I continue to use that knowledge in my practice and life. Every time I have another professional success I think of you. Huge hugs and a thousand blessings to you, dear friend. Xoxoox” - Emily Gould, Esq. Attorney and Mediator, Founder Empatia Resolutions Montpelier VT

Key #2: If you're an Employee:

  • Are you reaching your employment goals each year and getting a raise?
  • Have you been promoted and praised?
  • Do you love your job or hate it?
  • Are you confused about how to do better at work?

If you're looking for a new job or position:

  • Can you negotiate your BIGGEST Employment Package
  • Have you ever negotiated BIG benefits!
  • Have you been looking for a new job for more than 3 months?
  • Are you thinking of changing careers and you're not sure how to do it?

The Career Climb© includes all the skills for you as an employee or entrepreneur

Key #4: Do you know the key Do's and Don'ts for your Employee Search?

  • Do you know how to focus on you and your company's Key Needs before searching?
  • Do you know how to read a candidate's resume for the hidden secrets within?
  • Have you learned to see the real intentions of potential employee's?
  • Are you still using Head hunters and paying huge commissions or do you know how to use Linked,com for your job searches?

Key #5: Do you know the key Do's and Don'ts for your Job Search?

  • Do you know how to identify the best careers for you based on market conditions?
  • Do you know how to switch your resume for each opportunity and interview?
  • Have you focused on the way your potential employers see you or only on your own needs?
  • Does confuse you and leave you wondering and wandering around the web?

Key #6: When you think of your career do you feel thrilled by your success whether you are an Owner, an Entrepreneur or an Employee?

  • Are you getting the results you desire?
  • Do you turn your dollars, Euros, or rupees fast enough to grow your business?
  • Do you know how to plan for the milestones that matter to your career?
  • Are you making the big difference that you desire?
  • Are your co-workers, clients, customers, boss and/or employees cooperating with you and appreciating you?

Key #7: Or do you have some horror stories about the people you work with

Is anyone at the office driving you crazy?

Are their moods or your mood getting in the way of success?

  • Would you love to learn how to motivate and inspire people so that you have the career you desire?
  • Would it be great to create the kind of clients you want when you want?
  • What about negotiating a salary, raise, compensation package or parachute; would you love more skills to do that?

Key #8: Are you a creative entrepreneur who now realizes that you don't have time to "invent the wheel" each and every time you do business?

“My career and my general feeling of well-being have completely transformed. With Susan's laser-beamed strategies and support, I am now an actress with lots of talent and business savvy and I understand marketing and branding which are the most valuable tools to build my career. Since I have learned Goal-reaching Skills I am making more money as an actress than I ever have before. I am feeling more confident than ever because I am learning how to motivate and inspire people to give me what I want with clear goals and intention. I am working harder than I ever have and am having so much fun doing it because I am seeing big results on a daily basis. I no longer feel I have suffer with my own self-doubt. I now have the tools and the support I need to create the life and career I always imagined!!” - Lisa Cirincione, Los Angeles CA

Stop wrestling with trial and error and learn the best skills that are proven to work every time

  • You may have great ideas but do you have time to wrangle with your staff or do you need cooperation now?

Are you a business owner who believes that praising your employees will make them ask for more money? Did you know that certain people prefer praise to money and the more you praise them the better they work?

  • Do you know that different treatment works with different people?
  •  Do you know which people operate one way and who functions the opposite way and how to tell the difference?
  • Do you know how do you decide how much an employee is worth?
  • Have you realized that your pay scale affects productivity and morale?

If you're an entrepreneur can you see how you will benefit from getting these skills?

If you own a larger company do you see how you or your team members can benefit from having skills to do this?

If you are starting your career do you want to bypass all the pain and do what works?

Heartspace Corporate or Career Coaching skills empower you to achieve clear, peaceful and effective communication using numerous skill-sets including The 6 Part Conversation©; 4 ½ Minutes to Peace©; Whole Brain Thinking™; Herrmann Brain Dominance™, and The 7 Stages of Peace©. You may also find that these tools and skills not only shift your life right now; they also allow you to avoid many potential pitfalls using these trainings. Let's consider the situations that you've been putting up with and trying to change so that you see the benefit of acquiring new tools and skill-sets to transform them.


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