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Dating How To's Many years ago my best friend and also my boyfriend, who didn't know each other told me in the same week that they each wanted to buy a Premiere Dating Company as long as I would run it because they each believed that I knew what peple needed to know to find great relationships and lifelong love. Each of them knew that I had great dating skills and at that point I had received many of the 16 marriage proposals I would ultimately enjoy! If you have been searching for a mutually loving relationship for too long can you now see that you need dating advice and dating how to's; new skills about dating so that you find Him or Her? If you feel hopeless please know it's that you must learn how to date successfully and that means online or offline dating and online dating advice is a complete set of skills, too. Are you wondering how you will create mutual  unconditional love for the rest of your lives? Here are a few of the skills that you may need and they are offered in our 4 Hour Heartspace™ and The 6 Part Conversation and they are also offered in my private coaching programs. This is how to find a boyfriend or find a girlfrind for keeps.

Jim Aldinger; former Mayor of Manhattan Beach, CA and Chief of Staff at Boeing Aircraft "Susan was a big help in getting me to focus on what I really wanted. She was motivating and positive."
  1. Who to attract who to avoid The keys to great dating success is understanding your needs and seeing quickly and clearly if your needs are a match for the needs of a potential partner without having to waste days, weeks, months or even years finding out. We use Whole-brain thinking skills to get there and this is one of the components of Heartspace®    
Susan, I got MARRIED!!! 🙂 🙂 he has been unbelievably amazing and loving.  I ADORE him!  He communicates with me in a peaceful/loving way (perfect for me), and he's such a happy man with a good heart!  He's really great!  PLUS, he's TOTALLY gorgeous! 🙂 I'm able to accept his love in large part because of the work that we did together.  Lots of love Susan N. Mesa, Arizona

Your needs fall into 4 basic categories and you must figure out in advance if you want a very sucessful partner with lots of money and assets or a spiritual partner with lots of peace who meditates and does yoga or a very passionate partner who is amazing in bed or a safe and orderly supportive partner and what is #1 for you and what is #10.

    1. Wealthy, Intellectual, Dynamic, Successful
    2. Monogamous, Hard-working, Supportive,
    3. Funny, Emotionally intimate, Intensely sexual, Generous
    4. Spiritual, A Meditator, Peaceful, Enjoys Nature, Artistic


  1. The 7 Stages of Love were discovered by my good friend and one of my own mentors, Frank Zizzo, Ph.D. and they are as follows;In the Attachment Phase: Dependency; Need and Control.In the Engagement Phase: Support, Intimacy and Vulnerability and the 7th STAGE is Unselfconsciousness
"Unconditional love involves unconditional acceptance of oneself and love which includes faith. Intimacy is not a place you can get to; it is a place you can be."  Frank Zizzo, Ph.D.


    So learning who to trust is crucial, right?


  1. "Trust but verify" which is an expression made famous by President Ronald Reagan and whatever our political views may be this is really helpful. While you may expect that information is reliable, always be sure to check the source and the data, too.   Dating in this information and internet age is easy though you may have to force yourself to dig through online data until you can be sure that there are no skeletons.  One of the spiritual dating how to's is learning to verify and one of the online dating how to's is to verify! Many of my clients have assumed that someone was wonderful because they wanted to find a great partner and to avoid a lot of pain and save a lot of time you must research before you give.


  1. Intimacy Quiz  Making the best choice in a partner is based on a clear understanding of your needs and the needs of the "candidate" and this can require that you have all new vocabulary and skills to see these. Using the Intimacy Quiz saves a great deal of time. Whether you're dating after a break-up, after a divorce or if you're a teen who is dating for the first time or even after losing a partner after 50 years there are skills you need and without them it's like driving a car when you don't understand the brakes or how to turn and signal a turn. So be safe, have fun and learn what you need to create the best results- finding and maintaining a fantastic relationship! As a dating coach you want me to have real information in order to speak with you for your complimentary session, too.
"Susan walks the walk and talks the talk, teaching you how to have more joyful and satisfying relationships. In addition, she uses these same principles to help you attain your life goals through the whole brain thinking model. She truly is a wonderful, powerful teacher." Dr. Thad Jacobs, Utah

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