Susan Allan’s Special Offer

  • Learn to identify who is a “keeper” and why
  • Discover the qualities of a partner that work for you
  • Get the skills to live in your Heartspace™ always
  • See how to create peaceful, loving relationships in 6 Steps
  • Find the men or women you want by understanding who they really are
  • Decide who to date and who to replace
  • Figure out loving and marriage options for you
  • Attract your heart's desire with Heartspace™
  • Have the love you never thought you could!
  • Communicate from your Heartspace™ and motivate others
  • Shift from an emotional roller coaster to inner Peace
  • Set your goals and reach them with peace, focus and determination

The 1st time ever Susan Allan is offering a Video Training so that
YOU can learn how to understand & motivate everyone to Peace & Love.

ITEM 1: Susan Allan's 4 Hour Heartspace™ & 6 Part Conversation© Video training — Value: $500.00

  • Do you long for more PEACE?
  • Do you long for more LOVE?
  • Do you long for more COOPERATION?
  • Do you long for more UNDERSTANDING?

Create a loving relationship that lasts starting today by learning how to motivate and inspire people, realize who and what you truly want, and create the relationships that will transform your life.

During this amazing 4 hour video training Susan Allan teaches you The 6 Part Conversation© so that you can generate the peaceful loving cooperation that you long for EVERYWHERE in your life. This training can transform your life year round with these simple 6 steps!

With this program you will learn:

  • Who you want in your life, who you don’t and why
  • The attributes that are most valuable to you and how to attract them


  • The 1st step is to calm YOURSELF, the key to motivating and inspiring others.
  • The 2nd step is to calm THEM, no matter what the tension or problem
  • The 3rd step is to speak your TRUTH and know that they will hear you
  • The 4th step is to be sure you've been HEARD
  • The 5th step is to CLARIFY all that you've said that wasn't heard
  • The 6th step is CREATING a SOLUTION that works for BOTH of you!

Haven't you always longed for a fast and easy system to create SOLUTIONS?

Susan Allan's extraordinary Video Training lets you master the 6 Part Conversation© for life-long cooperation!

The 6 easy steps of The 6 Part Conversation© are the key to love, peace and cooperation

Susan Allan is a renowned teacher and life coach, offering Heartspace™ peace-making skills worldwide after a lifetime of study with many of the world's great thought leaders and spiritual masters which included 57 trips to India. As a certified mediator and expert in Nonviolent Communication® and Whole-brain thinking™ Susan created Heartspace™ as she survived and thrived the many extreme life challenges that she transformed in her own life. Susan says, "Peace won't find us; we must find peace and that is my mission". Joyous connection is possible in all your relationships, even in war-torn marriages and families and the 6 steps of The 6 Part Conversation© are the secret!

Can you imagine how your life can be transformed by learning these 6 steps to peace and using them during the holidays and for the rest of your life?

This 4 hour video training is the first time Susan's complete 6 Part Conversation© training is being made available to everyone everywhere and not to just to her private clientele we want to make this more affordable for EVERYONE and best of all it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

This 4 hour video training is divided into 4 sections:

1 hour of Whole-brain thinking™ skills allows you to understand the way you  think, what is most important to you, and how to understand other people quickly so that you can make the best choices in all your relationships and avoid people who aren’t a good fit.

2 hours of Heartspace™ Role-plays provides you with practical and realistic scenarios and shows you how to use The 6 Part Conversation© whenever you communicate to create cooperation and peace every time. This is the most requested part of these trainings; a step by step demo of what works.

1 hour of The 6 Part Conversation© provides you with the basic skills you need to create peace with anyone and everyone when you hit a speed bump. Learning to become calm before communicating is one of the most valuable benefits and learning how to calm others down is also a huge reward for learning this skill. Creating realistic solutions that work for both/all parties is the most fantastic benefit of mastering The 6 Part Conversation©.

Have you spent decades having others clear you and "clean up your act" only to find that in a few days the activations are over and the results are gone? What part can we play in creating and maintaining the joyous life that is our human birthright? Susan Allan's 6 Part Conversation© training will allow you to learn how to retain your highest state and move beyond the fear, anger and sadness which is an old pattern for so many of us. Dreams are not about compromise, they are the 1st step to your manifesting; do you want help to practice your manifesting muscle?

Item #2: A 60 Minute Private Telephone Session with Susan Allan

Since 1999 Susan has offered more than 10,000 private consultations worldwide so that you can create the peace, cooperation, love and solutions you need

During your private telephone session with Susan you will:

  1. Integrate what you learn in the Video Training
  2. Focus your new Heartspace™ skills
  3. Experience a deep sense of peace
  4. Break through old patterns of thinking
  5. Resolve and solve issues
  6. Transform challenges that block success
  7. Discover how expert support creates fast results

Please prepare for your session with a list of questions about resolving any current challenges and reaching your key goals. Feel free to make a recording of the session! When Susan listens she listens to you with her heart and her Whole-brain so that situations you have endured become understandable and so that organic and remarkable solutions can be found. Susan will also help you craft unique conversations for you to have with those you love so that you create cooperation and intimacy.

Item #3: 9 Special Reports

These White Papers continue with skills you will need to transform every relationship in your life and learn how to create the new ones that you desire

  1. Heartspace™ Dating
  2. Heartspace™ Life-long Marriages
  3. Heartspace™  Joyous Reconciliation
  4. Heartspace™ Intimate Sexual Relationships
  5. Heartspace™ How to Survive an Affair
  6. Heartspace™ Inspiring Sobriety
  7. Heartspace™ Co-Parenting Cooperation
  8. Heartspace™ Peaceful Inexpensive Divorce
  9. Heartspace™ Builds your Future

Life is relationships; everywhere you look there are relationships that are either causing you joy or causing you pain. Heartspace™ allows you to create a level of peace and cooperation that is unknown to most people and once you have those basic Heartspace™ skills you will want to use them in every area of life. These Special Reports will give you the additional support you need to use Heartspace™ to enhance every relationship.



For this super low price you learn to pick the person of your dreams, too!

 Why am I making this $950 package available for only $97?
Because I want your feedback about my brand new product - so right now I am offering this special price to you if you will take a few moments to send me your testimonial. (I'd love to get your photo too!)
Thank you so much,
Susan Allan

To Recap you will learn to:

  • Create peaceful, loving relationships in 6 Steps
  • Who is a “keeper”
  • How to live in your Heartspace™ always
  • Attract your heart's desire
  • Have the love you never thought you could!
  • Shift from an emotional roller coaster to inner Peace
  • Set your goals and reach them with peace, focus and determination

This offer is risk free! If in the first 30 days you are not satisfied with your results, Susan will refund your money!

More about Susan and the Heartspace™ System

Did you realize that only one person needs special skills to create peace, love, joy, intimacy and cooperation in any relationship? Allan's most-loved Heartspace™ trainings include The 6 Part Conversation©, Magical Marriage, Marital Mediation and The Plateaus of Peace© are all covered on this extraordinary video training. She will also cover Whole-brain Thinking© an advanced system used to activate your ability to use your whole brain to identify and solve problems as well as to avoid them.Susan Allan's reconciliation system, How to Avoid Divorce© has been 100% successful when even one partner masters and uses these skills.

When you learn to self-generate peace that is the first step to motivating and inspiring others to meet you in love, partnership, cooperation and bliss!