Heartspace® Inspiring Sobriety

Do you need support for addiction and alcoholic recovery; have yu noticed signs of alcoholism in  loved one? In 1999 I created The Heartspace® System for Sobriety to provide clients with a unique solution to the desperate issue of addiction that has destroyed so many families. The results seem miraculous to each family because suddenly your loved one is in Detox; is clean and sober; and is living their life and Heartspace® for Sobriety can make all the difference for you, too.

What you will learn:

  1. Learn to speak to your loved one and be empathetic
  2. Find the best facility that you can afford
  3. Motivate your loved one to enter Detox
  4. Inspire your loved one to stay as long as is needed for a sobriety lifestyle
  5. Find the best sober living facility and be motivating
  6. Keep inspiring your loved one to stay until the cure has “taken effect”
  7. Heartspace® for Sobriety makes all the difference.
"When someone suffering with addiction experiences the end of judging and labeling that is the beginning of new options of health and peace for your entire family." Susan Allan

According to my client for many years, the Executive Producer of "Intervention",the reality television program that even though "Intervention" pays all the expenses related to detox and rehab

  1. Only 50% of those receiving interventions actually sign up for detox
  2. Of those who attend detox, only 50% of them stay the 30 days course and become clean and sober.
  3. There are no statistics about their 3 year or 5 year results


This proves that the old system of Interventions isn't enough for most people suffering with addictions, is it? The Heartspace® for Sobriety can make all the difference for you because it's about true motivation and inspiration; not about forcing.

If this sounds like the next step for you and for your family please take advantage of the complimentary 1 hour telephone coaching session so that you can have your questions answered and see if this is for you.

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Arno Jaffee"My son was living as a homeless person on the streets of San Francisco.  I discovered he was addicted to crystal meth.  I was determined to do anything and everything to help him.  I began being coached by Susan to learn a new way of communicating. I watched as everyone, virtually everyone around us gave up on him.  Whether it was "tough love" or "letting him hit bottom" or "jail was the only way to save him" only Susan believed in me and supported me in finding another way.  She is a miracle worker." Arno Jaffe, Esq., Santa Barbara, CA


One committed family member learns new skills that create empathy for the person suffering with addiction.  Whether you are the parent, the spouse, the sibling or the child, these skills can answer your prayers for a support system and unique trainings that allow you to motivate and inspire your loved one, no matter what! As you practice you create remarkable results of being 100% effective in seeing a clean and sober lifestyle unfold when you, the committed family member uses these skills in every conversation with a loved one who is suffering with addiction. What works:

  1. "Let's get you through detox so you're starting to feel better"
  2. "I know you're feeling so ill every day and that you just need to feel better, right?"
  3. "I feel so proud of you for this amazing thing you're doing for yourself. And I'm here for you in every way that I can be and when you've completed your rehab I'll be here to help you, too."


The Heartspace System is different; it is a breakthrough in the healing recipe as it requires one committed family member to create the peace, reassurance and support that many addicts require to recover and retain a sober and drug-free life. As you are reading this; you are that one committed family member!


"Last summer my son's life hit a breaking point. Then my daughter called me and said: 'Mom, I think he's going to commit suicide.' I met Susan Allan and Susan helped me see that my son needed rehab. Susan helped me change how I spoke to my son. I learned to show compassion for his feelings and needs.  After just two sessions using the new techniques of giving compassion, my son agreed to go to rehab! I am thankful-- to Susan and to God for this miracle. I recommend these techniques to anyone who needs change, or any family member trying to help "a person in crisis." It worked for me, and I know it will help others. Thank you Susan!" From Sharon Rose, Goleta, CA

For your private complimentary 1 hour telephone consultation with Susan Allan to see if these skills and tools can work for you and your family.

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