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Are you seeking intimacy in marriage or in your relationship? Do you need emotional intimacy or an advanced sex education to understand all that fabulous options that are available now? So few people feel comfortable talking about sex that it's no surprise that most couples have sexual challenges that they tell me began before they married or began living together. Even for couples who have a great time in bed in the early days of their intimacy great sex usually depends on good luck rather than on talking about what feels best for each of them. Whether you need more emotional connection to your partner or some new skills to make the sex more thrilling or both The Tantric Lock© gets you there. It takes only one of you learning these new skills to completely shift your intimacy and sex, just like all the other Heartspace® skills!

The ability to discuss what does and does not work and make positive changes to sexual styles is really hard for most people; is it for you? I've traveled all over the world and found this to be true everywhere; though less in France than for example in India. While the Hindu culture created tantric sex, the yoga of sex, sadly that knowledge disappeared in common practice hundreds of years ago. Why are most people still so uncomfortable talking about the single behavior that is responsible for our entire species?

You intensify orgasm with The Tantric Lock©. Here's the reason to learn this; if you're a man you can have a FULL BODY ORGASM With Tantric Lock skills. If you're a woman you can experience a FEMALE EJACULATION. These secrets were known and then lost and now have been regained.

  1. What is Tantra?
    1. Tantric Sex is one of the "yogas" that include the yoga of breathing, the yoga of movement which is currently so popular, and all are based on ancient Hindu practices. Tantric sex is based on both the spiritual connection to the divine that you find in your partner and an intense devotion to physical pleasure.
    2. The most famous ancient document about sex, The Kama Sutra, written between 400 BCE and 200 CE, is defined as an ancient Sanskrit guide to sexual technique, human sexual behavior and love. It also explains how to use the most creative positions and for some you definitely need practice with the other yogas.


  1. In order to lose your self-consciousness which blocks intimacy you must learn to be fully present with your partner and present with yourself.  The 6 Part Conversation© is the fastest and easiest way to master this. link to 6 part


  1. Seeing the divine in your partner makes all the difference. If you make love to a specific person after a while it's same old same old. And if you eliminate the emotional connection to your partner the danger is that you can easily slip into sex addiction so please be careful. When we meditate we connect to the divine, right? So before you and your partner make love if you enter into this state, even for 10 minutes you become able to deeply connect, bring your partner and you into a state of bliss and with enough practice, extend the sexual experience for as long as you want.  The famous story about Sting is that he and his wife once had sex for 7 hours.


  1. Clarifying your love and sex goals. Perhaps you love your partner and the sex is fabulous- or was and you want it back. Or do you love your partner and the sex is boring or frustrating?  The Tantric Lock© teaches you how to fit; how to learn the connection and the steps to bliss so that you find intimacy in marriage; and find emotional intimacy if you're dating, living together or married.


  1. Transforming infidelity requires The Tantric Lock© that includes a deep emotional connection to your partner and new sex skills. If there is a 3rd party entering your life is the relationship a "house of cards" and is it resting on "quick sand"? You can learn these skills to shift this relationship or practice here for what's next and either is a perfect strategy.


  1. Women experience FEMALE EJACULATION with the Tantric Lock©.   Even if your partner is not a good sexual fit; even if your partner has little sexual stamina no matter what; if your partner is willing to learn one simple digital skill then you can experience bliss!


  1. Men can have a FULL BODY ORGASM With Tantric Lock© skills. Tantra works no matter your age and even if you have problems with erections there is a safe drug free option, penis pumps that offer thrilling results


  1. Fantastic drug-free solutions to Erectile Issues. Because The Tantric Lock© frees you from limitations of  sexual traditions and looks for unique solutions to fulfill your needs you can experiment with cock rings and penis pumps to give you stamina or to solve impotency issues. The amazing results of a penis pump is that you can actually have sex numerous times each day no matter your age.


  1. Solution for anorgasmic women, too, those unable to experience an orgasm. Some women find that clitoral stimulation with an electric vibrator is successful where battery-powered rabbits and other sex toys have not been sufficient and the Hitachi magic wand has the greatest results. Unique G-Spot stimulators that are internal devices have allowed many women to experience the bliss that had been unavailable to them before.


The 1st step is learning Heartspace® and The 6 Part Conversation© so that you can be present, peaceful and connect to your partner. During your free 1 hour private telephone session you and I will talk about other techniques that make all the difference for couples.


  1. The sexual information is easy and I recommend "The Secrets to Female Sexuality" by Charles Muir as the most informative and  inspiring video training for one of the tantric skills, digital stimulation and to see real couples making the intimate connection with one another. There are thousands of workshops, videos and books on tantric sex, the actual positions and physical aspects and I recommend Charles Muir as the greatest expert in the sexual steps you want to learn now. .


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